Coronation : The worst kept secret of Congress

where to buy accutane philippines The worst kept secret of Congress is that its Vice President and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi would be ‘elected’ the president of the party following ‘elections’ next month. The party has invited nominations by December 4 and it is anybody’s guess as to who would be filing the nomination. The big question is who would dare to contest against the Prince ?

buy modafinil uk next day delivery Even if the party props up some leader to go for it, it is a a no-brainer as to who would win. Why then this farce of holding ‘elections’ ? Also it has been in the works for too long a period and the only point of wonder is why it is too long for the reluctant prince to take over. Was he and his party waiting for an auspicious moment to take over. May be he and his party thinks he is getting more traction in Gujarat than he had ever got in the past. He has been active politics for well over a decade and a half now. Any further delay is bound to have an adverse impact on his political career. High time for him to do it or quit it. //


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