Nana Patekar speaks of Rajinikanth’s stardom and Kabali success

There is no denying that Rajinikanth commands unbelievable superstardom, and his recently released movie Kabali has been raking in money at the box office.  The unprecedented madness of his fans have always puzzled the onlookers while many have also questioned if the stardom has anything to do with the content of Rajinikanth’s movie. It’s a known fact that just like a movie by Salman Khan, Rajinikanth’s movie too has nothing new to offer. Nevertheless, his fans love him because they overlook the finer details of the movie.

While most of the Bollywood stars appreciate Rajini’s stardom, Nana Parker is one actor who doesn’t mince his words and speaks his mind. Nana Patekar was asked about Thalaiva’s larger-than-life phenomenon, the former said that the film is the biggest superstar and if the story is good and executed well, the film does well.  He added that as far as stars are concerned, the film will run for two or three days but later on, if the film is not good enough, it will not run irrespective of who the star of the film is.



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