Pakistani singer Quran-Ul-Ain Balouch releases her new single Saaiyaan in India

Art and music knows no boundaries. India and Pakistan may be divided on various issues, but, they are united when it comes to working in the field of entertainment.  Pakistani Sufi music sensation Qurat-Ul-Ain Balouch, better known by her stage name QB, has been creating waves on the Pakistani music scene for a few years now. She has now turned to India to promote her work.

Her brand new single Saaiyaan released by  EMI Records India, is set to take her unique contemporary sufi sounds across the globe. Produced by Salman Albert, this beautiful rock ballad with lyrics originally written by famed Punjabi Sufi poet Bullen Shah, this will certainly be one of the finest Sufi compositions in recent times.

QB has already gained popularity in India by lending her voice to Woh Humsafar Tha, the title track of Pakistani TV soap Humsafar . She received global recognition for this track and also won Pakistan’s Youngest Achievement Award UK & Europe 2011, as well as Song Of The Year and Best Original Soundtrack at the Lux Style Awards 2012.

The video for the single Saaiyaan, shot in Lahore showcases the city’s breathtaking heritage architecture. The poignant story portrays the ordeals faced in romance and the relationship shared between two passionate lovers as they deal with pain that comes with the bitter end of their love.

“It’s a pleasure to be associated with EMI Records India.  Music is universal and that’s what labels are doing now in this digital era. Saaiyaan is a pure Sufi rock ballad, taken from the none other than Bulleh Shah Context. Personally, the Kalam is the depiction of the human significance. Salman Albert (music producer) has done a great job at this,” says QB.


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