Sonam Kapoor encourages Gen X to add colour to their life

Sonam Kapoor is set to make the youngsters experiment with their hair colour. As the brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris, she will now be seen making the Gen X aware of the beauty of coloured hair.  L’Oreal has launched a new App to make the users aware of the new range of hair colours. To celebrate the change in the attitude towards hair coloring and to encourage those who are still hesitant, L’Oréal Paris has released its latest campaign on Casting Crème Gloss range on its digital platforms. With this campaign, the brand wants to invite women to enter the joy ride by discovering fun with color. Sonam Kapoor will share the ‘Joy of Coloring’ with her friends. In the last 5 years, the hair coloring market has seen an upward growth with women becoming more open to experimenting with their hair and using color beyond the concern of covering their grey hair.

Sonam Kapoor commented: “Colors add joy to my days, I wouldn’t be able to imagine my life in dull black and white. It has such a beautiful way of inducing energy and life into everything it touches. Coloring my hair has made them look more glossy and beautiful but more so, it gives me confidence to indulge in my fashion choices and really play with my looks.”

The campaign went exclusively live on Sonam Kapoor’s App on September 10th.



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