Uttarakhand government's search for 'Sanjeevani booti' is actually an attempt to boost farming of medicinal plants

sanjeevani booti, which is credited in the ancient Hindu text Ramayana with restoring life to the brother of a God. Since this hilly state has been well known for the medicinal plants, giving a little boost to the agriculture will not only help the local farmers, but, it will also be a boon to the cottage industry which banks on selling of medicinal plants and herbs. While many wild plants with medicinal properties grow in the Himalayas, so far there has been no evidence to show that scant evidence that sanjeevani booti ever grew here, as described in the mythological scripts. “We have to try, and it will never go to waste,” said Surendra Singh Negi, minister at the department for for traditional medicines, yoga and homoeopathy in Uttarakhand. “If we are determined we will certainly find it.”

Negi said the search would focus on the Dronagiri range of the Himalayas near the Chinese border, where there is a mountain mentioned in the epic Ramayana as being the site where the magical herb grows.
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