Ali Fazal shines in trailer of 'Victoria and Abdul' alongside Judi Dench

Indian actors are finding a well-deserved ground internationally, one of them is actor Ali Fazal who has achieved quite a remarkable feat.

In the upcoming Focus Features and BBC Films’ Victoria and Abdul, Ali Fazal has become the first Indian actor to be featured in a major Hollywood production in a titular role. Now when the news of his casting happened in 2016, it made headlines all across, but now with the official debut of the global poster and trailer, and to see Ali right in the center of the trailer and sharing equal frames with legend Judi Dench is a whole new leap for Indian actors internationally.
Speaking on the launch of the trailer, Ali said: “It was a surreal moment to get this role. I got selected for the film over some of my peers who were in consideration for the same role, especially those whom I look up to and whose work I admire.”
“Shooting for this film was a milestone in the short career I have had so far. I did a small cameo in 3 Idiots and then came the bigger roles in Bollywood, I did Furious 7 with a cameo and now a lead in Victoria and Abdul is a sweet coincidence. Working with Judi, Stephen, Micheal Gambon, Eddie and such an amazing team was more than what I could have asked for.”
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