Memorial for 9/11[/caption] The United States has lost moral and physical edge. It may be equally wishful to think that had the US regime taken a step back, dealt with the damage in New York and then decided on a response with a cool head, matters may have been different. Had its decision benefitted from the vast analytic knowledge available to it from its Ivy League universities of similar ‘big shocks’ in history, it may have concentrated on just scaring the Taliban into some form of submission. The US should have restricted its aim to bringing Bin laden and associated to justice and politically destroy Al Qaeda. The Taliban, as even the USA admitted in the end, had no intention or knowledge of attacks planned on the west. Its obsession was to make Afghanistan a medieval Islamic State. There are a few of these in the Middle East who are even partners of US. Taliban was host to Al Qaeda and obliged to it. But a siege and some fire power would have convinced the Taliban to push Al Qaeda out. Instead the US response made their bond even stronger. The attack on Iraq gave a wider Islamic angst against America among some groups a lease of violence that is still continuing. Perhaps the Islamic world would inevitably have come to the stage it is in now irrespective of American response. But a restrained response to 9/11 may at least have kept the candle of liberal hope alight and the freedoms that were taken for granted once, still in place today in USA and other western countries. //

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