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After being banned in Bangladesh and UK, Zakir Naik seeks support on social media

The controversy surrounding Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is not going to die down anytime soon. Since the preacher has been banned in Britain and several other countries, he has been asking for support from the Islamic community on Twitter and Facebook.

Naik was accused of giving provocative speeches which reportedly influenced the hardliners in Bangladesh to attack innocent people in a cafe in Dhaka. Naik has been under accusations from all corners which the media and a section of politician demanding a strict action beginning with a complete ban on his speeches aired on TV channels.

Bangladesh government on Sunday banned the broadcasting of India-based controversial preacher Zakir Naik’s Peace TV channel after reports that his “provocative” speeches inspired some of the militants who carried out the country’s worst terror attack at a cafe. The decision to ban the Mumbai-based preacher’s ‘Peace TV Bangla’ was taken during a special meeting of Cabinet Committee on Law and Order. This was informed by the Industry Minister Amir Hossain Amu.

Zakir, however has taken on the social media to prove his innocence. Though he hasn’t denied his hardliner opinion, but, he clearly doesn’t want media trial. On the Twitter account, he demanded support for non-stop ‘media trial’.  The rationalists in the country are now thinking of a fruitful solution to eliminate the spread of hate speeches on any platform.



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