Mamata Ends Dharna, Vows To Fight On

Roaring at full throttle, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign and go back to Gujarat.

Chief Minister Banerjee, who called off her “dharana to save the Constitution and the democracy” in Kolkata on Tuesday said: “The Central government wants to control all the agencies including the state agencies. Prime Minister, you resign from Delhi and go back to Gujarat. One man government, one party government is there.”

“Next we will do a programme in Delhi. I can go on with the dharna but now that we have got justice from one pillar of democracy, that is, judiciary I announce to end the dharna. The Supreme Court gave a positive judgement today. This dharna was to save our democracy, Constitution, IAS-IPS officers, agencies, civil servants. This dharna is a victory for the people, democracy and the Constitution.”

She also said that the Central government’s claim that Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar had joined her in the protest was not true.“The truth is Rajeev Kumar never joined the protest. Is Rajeev Kumar their nightmare? Why are they so scared of? As per the protocol wherever PM, CM or any other minister or Governor goes, the police always has to be with them to give them security,” she said.

A full-blown face-off between Chief Minister Banerjee led TMC government and the Centre erupted after a CBI team moved to arrest Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. CBI officials were denied entry to the top cop’s residence and were detained briefly too.



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