Mayawati’s BSP remains a force to reckon with

Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has a genuine grouse. Most of the mainstream media had been ignoring her party’s campaign in Uttar Pradesh. An analysis of the print and the electronic space given to the various parties would reveal that BSP has not got even a tenth of the coverage.

Yet it is a party which can’t be ignored in the state. Although it fared poorly in the Lok Sabha elections, it remains a force to reckon with. Its strength lies in a formidable vote bank among the Dalits and the Muslims. Responding to the criticism over use of money and resources in building memorials and statues of party symbol ‘elephant’ as well as top party leader including herself, Mayawati had been asserting that if elected to power she won’t construct any more memorials. She has come out with a powerful slogan : Chalega hathi, uregi dhool, na chalegi cycle, na rahega phool. She has also been appealing the voters not to ‘waste’ their vote on SP or the Congress.



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