Shah Rukh Khan recites a touching poem for the soldiers in the new video

The initiative to pay homage to the Indian Army and the soldiers got wide response from the Bollywood A-listers. The twitter handle #Sandesh2Soldiers was a huge success with actors Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan posting their message to the soldiers.

Taking out time from the Diwali celebrations, the actors posted a heartfelt message for the Army -thanking them and encouraging them for their bravity. On Diwali night it was Shah Rukh who posted his message lauding the efforts of the Army jawans who have been keeping the country safe. Instead of mouthing well-scripted lines, SRK revealed his poetic side, as he recited a self-written poem for the brave soldiers.

#Sandesh2Soldiers initiative was kick-started by PM Modi, which received response from the politicians, celebrities and businessmen. Since PM spent his Diwali with the soldiers at the border, he wanted the entire country to come forward and participate in the movement.


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