‘Skill India Opened New Window For Me’

Priyanka Luthra, a business development advisor from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, decided to switch careers and become a self-defense instructor after enrolling into Skill India’s six day training on self-defense. She has high praise for the govt initiative.

I was at my uncle’s office when I first saw a self-defense instructor give a demonstration. I am a fitness freak and visit the gym regularly, so I was instantly attracted to the profession. The demonstration was an eye-opener. I got so inspired that I decided to learn self-defense. 

I found out about a training programme under the Skill India initiative and I immediately enrolled myself in. 

It was unbelievable, how in just six days I was able to learn some fantastic self-defense techniques. The programme also breaks the myth about self-defense training, which we Indians largely see as limited to Karate, Tae-Kwan do, Judo and other oriental martial arts. This programme is primarily based on Krav Maga, an Israeli military regime for self-defense which literally means Contact Combat. It is very easy to learn and execute. I have completed my first course and now I am planning to start a class of my own soon.

After the training, I have found that there are many verticals where I can work and train people and also earn good money. I am already working with a private firm and being paid handsomely. The stamp of ‘Skill India-certified self-defense instructor’ is something which has opened a new horizon to explore. I am a different person now – more energetic and confident than before.

Now that I have completed my first certification, I wish to run an institute to train people in self-defense and earn accordingly. I come from a business family and they support my decision to change my career. I hope my work goes a long way in helping women learn self-defense techniques. All women — whether they are working or are housewives — need to learn these techniques. That will help instill among them a new sense of confidence.

The field of self-defense is largely unexplored in India and women are not getting trained properly. In the oriental forms of martial arts, there is a grade system. It takes a long time to learn and various belts. The Krav Maga self-defense programme is easy to learn and teach. The best part is that you don’t need to be a fitness freak to become an instructor. The moves are based on normal human body movements and very practical in modern-day world. 

I feel such initiatives must be promoted by the government agencies so that more girls like me can train and become instructors.


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Subhash Rana

This is really amazing. I think that girls should learn this art not only for own safety but also can make it as a livelihood. Bravo Priyanka!