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#MyVote2019 – ‘NDA Trying To Create Jobs’

The economy is growing but sadly it is not the same for jobs. I started work at the age of 20. These five years in the workforce have shown me how job creation and growth have become static. I work in the Tech sector and I have personally witnessed stagnancy in the sector.

Jobs with a good /sustainable incomes are not being created. A recent report by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) highlighted that individuals from vulnerable groups, namely women, uneducated, wage labourers, agricultural labourers and small traders, being the worst hit by job losses in 2018. I understand that government-sponsored skill development programmes will act as a life-saver for theses vulnerable groups. But do they have access to these programmes and schemes? People in rural areas need a push so that they are on an equal footing with their peers from metros, who not only have more information but have access to good quality education.

I haven’t enrolled for any government scheme, but there are several other quick certification courses, which are available online, that can give you an edge over others. A course in digital marketing worked for me. I work with a leading company in the tech sector and I have never applied for any government job or even given it a thought. But I feel most people get into government jobs for the security they provide rather than out of genuine passion.

I, on the other hand, love my job and keep myself abreast with the latest developments in the sector. In the next ten years I want to establish myself well in the Tech sector. And then in my mid-thirties, I perhaps will work on a start-up.

In the last elections I voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and am planning to vote again for the same party. I believe BJP has performed reasonably well in the past five years. Many people might be against demonetisation, but for me as an individual, who is not an economic expert, I feel life has certainly become easier after online transactions were given a boost by the current government. There are many shortcomings of the party, yet I believe it should be given a second chance.


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