Hello & welcome to Lokmarg.com on its refurbished launch!

The launch of this opinions-first website couldn’t have been timed better. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, soon after taking over the reigns of the new NDA Government at the Centre, has lucidly enunciated his desire to dominate the virtual world by focusing on ‘Digital India’.

And in doing so, he has fired the imagination of young India to drive change and develop through technology. So whether it is agriculture or education, economy or defence, the new buzzword is digitisation and how it can dwarf drudgery of many decades.

Also amongst its first offerings, LokMarg is presenting half-a-dozen specially commissioned pieces in the ‘Opinion’ section, besides latest news developments in India and the world. You will also see stories in business, lifestyle, entertainment, health and NRI sections.

Moving forward, we at LokMarg intend to engage with you regularly on a wide variety of subjects to generate a debate through a diversity of opinions because we believe that every opinion is important, every view valuable.

It would be great to have your feedback and suggestions and our team will look forward to hearing from you.

Happy surfing!