‘Lockdown Hasn’t Affected Life, I Only Miss Eating Out’

Pranjali Paliwal, a teenager from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, says other than missing eating out with friends and shopping occasionally, lockdown hasn’t affected her life much

I just finished my Class 12th. What a year to finish school! Earlier batches would have been anticipating their journey to college and here we are. The future looks so, so uncertain. At this time, the only thing that looks certain is technology. Ours is perhaps the first generation that is completely well-versed with technology and it is an integral part of our lives.

To be honest, even before lockdown our lives were heavily dependent on our phones and laptops, both for social interaction as well as education. The only thing different was that we did take a few breaks from our digital lives and would indulge in running, cycling etc. And I do miss going out shopping with my mom and meeting my friends once in a while a lot. Also, eating out.

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Our lives might not have changed much post-lockdown, but we sure miss the freedom of being able to go out anytime we wanted. Earlier not going out was a choice, but now not going out is a compulsion. However, we have to do it for the sake of our own health, that of our family and country at large.

Since last year I was heavily into preparing for my Board exams and had thought that after my Boards I will enjoy thoroughly before getting into college, but coronavirus had to strike at this very time and now we are again having to find fun through digital mediums.

I miss going out shopping and meeting my friends once in a while. Also, eating out.

Earlier, when our digital and school lives were separate, our minds would find it easier to segregate our time and use it optimally, but now post lockdown all lines have been blurred. Our mind keeps moving between entertainment and education on phone. Most of the time we procrastinate our studies.

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However, it is technology that is our saviour too. We get all the relevant and updated information about what to expect when it comes to our further education. The government recently announced the date for NEET exams which is most likely to be held on July 26, so technology gives some structure to our uncertain future. Right now no one including the government knows how things will turn out in the future, but I am trying my best to find balance.

Yes, I am still glued to my phone for both enjoying my time and preparing for my future, but it has also taught me the value of going out and enjoying all the things that are outside even more. Post lockdown, I will still be pursuing the same outdoor activities, but with more vigour and respect for time.

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