Lucknow POCSO Court Awards Death To Rapist

Lucknow Police Commissioner, Sujeet Pandey, on Saturday lauded the role of department officials in the death penalty awarded, in four months, to an accused in the rape case of a minor.

Pandey, in a video shared by the official handle of Lucknow police, said that the officials had done commendable work in ensuring justice was delivered in a timely manner and added that the officials had kept a close watch even when the trials were underway.

“The incident dates back to September 15, 2019, when a six-year-old was reported missing. Subsequently, her body was recovered from a house, the accused was arrested within 24 hours and the charge sheet was filed within six days and afterward, NSA was also applied,” Pandey said.

“Scientific evidence, including DNA samples, were taken during the investigation and the case was presented very strongly in the courts. Due to this, the court appreciated everything we produced and awarded a death sentence in four months to the accused,” he added.

Earlier on Friday, the POCSO court had awarded death sentence to the accused and also imposed a fine on him.

During the entire investigation and trial process, all officials including the DGP of Uttar Pradesh monitored it very closely.


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