IndiGo Chennai-Tiruchirappalli flight

Indigo Passenger Booked For Trying To Remove Cover Of Emergency Exit Mid-Air

An FIR has been lodged against an Indigo passenger who tried to remove the cover of the emergency exit mid-air in a Nagpur to Mumbai flight on January 24.

“A passenger travelling on Flight 6E 5274 from Nagpur to Mumbai, allegedly tried to remove the cover of the emergency exit while the aircraft was in the air and on approach for landing,” IndiGo said.
However, Indigo said that there was no major security lapse at the time of landing. “There was no compromise on the safe operation of the said flight,” airline company said.

“On noticing this violation, the crew on board alerted the captain and the passenger was appropriately cautioned,” the statement added.

Soon after, the airline company Indigo lodged an FIR at the local police station against the passenger for violating security norms.

“An FIR has been filed against the passenger for unauthorised tampering of the emergency exit as the aircraft was in the process of landing,” an indigo statement read.

Earlier this month a case of molestation of an air hostess has come to light in an Indigo flight. The flight was going from Delhi to Patna. Three passengers have been accused in this case.

Last year, on December 10, a passenger on an Indigo flight created a scare and panic among fellow passengers when he opened the emergency door on December 10, 2022. The flight was on its way from Chennai to Trivandrum.

A probe was ordered by DGCA into the incident.

“The incident happened on December 10 on Indigo flight 6E-7339 from Chennai to Trivandrum. On Dec 10, 2022, a passenger opened an emergency door in IndiGo 6E flight 6E-7339 from Chennai to Trivandrum. The flight took off after pressurization checks soon after. The incident created panic among passengers and the flight took off after a safety check,” said the DGCA official. (ANI)

Emraan Replaces Saif In ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ Remake

The recreated version of the 90s hit song ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ is out and it has definitely made Saif Ali Khan’s fans a little sad as the actor has been replaced by Emraan Hashmi in the remake.

The remake is a part of Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming film ‘Selfiee’. On Sunday, Akshay took to Instagram and unveiled the track’s teaser.
Sharing the teaser of the new song, Akshay wrote, “Munh se seeti aur haath se taali bajaane ko ho tayyar (are you ready to whistle and clap)? Here’s a teaser of #MainKhiladi. Song drops 1st Feb!!”

While the original had Akshay in a black blazer and tie and Saif in a brown jacket, the new song has Akshay in a shimmery green blazer and Emraan Hashmi in a shimmery black jacket.

In the clip, Emraan is also seen recreating Saif’s hook step from the original song.

The teaser garnered several likes and comments. Several heaped praises on the song.

“Waah. Kya energy hai,” a social media user commented.

“Wow… super energetic,” another one wrote.

However, there are also users who missed the presence of Saif.

“Just imagine saif Ali Khan comes shaking up with Akshay Kumar,” a netizen commented.

“Missing Saif. Can’t imagine this song without Saif,” an Instagram user wrote.

Speaking of ‘Selfiee’, it is the Hindi remake of the Malayalam film ‘Driving License’, which starred Prithviraj and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the lead roles. Now, Akshay and Emraan are reprising their roles for the remake. Filmmaker Raj Mehta has helmed the project. The film marks the first-ever on-screen collaboration of Akshay and Emraan and is all set to hit the theatres on February 24, 2023. (ANI)

Suniel Lauds Modi For Startup20 Initiative

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty is the latest one to congratulate PM Modi for taking the initiative of Startup20, which is India’s innovation to the G20 movement.

Speaking to ANI exclusively at ‘Inception Meet of Startup20’, Hyderabad on Sunday, Suniel said, “Kudos to our honourable Prime Minister, G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant and the entire G20 management for this initiative.”
Suniel added, “It’s a beautiful platform. I am proud of it. We always wanted a platform like this, something we can call our own. Over the last few years, I have interacted with many young entrepreneurs. They have sharp minds.”

The Startup20 aims to develop a global narrative for supporting startups and facilitating synergies among startups, corporations, investors, innovation agencies, and other key ecosystem stakeholders, according to an official release of Startup20 PRO.

G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant said, “The Startup20 is India’s innovation to the G20 movement. That is because of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s belief that the world needs digitisation. It needs young energy and dynamism. It needs technological leap-frogging.”

According to G20 Sherpa, they will also discuss the “digital public structure where public tracts were created and privates sector innovated further” and how India was able to use digital identity, data empowerment or bank accounts to drive a huge amount of payments. (ANI)

Pakistan: Increase In Petrol And Diesel Price

Pakistan government has announced an increase in petrol and diesel prices by Pakistan rupees (PKR) 35 per litre. Pakistan Finance Minister Ishaq Dar made the announcement regarding the increase in fuel prices and it has come into effect from 11 am on January 29, Dawn reported.

Ishaq Dar made the announcement in a televised address on Sunday. He said that the price of kerosene oil and light diesel oil were increased by PKR 18 per litre. Pakistan Finance Ministry in a tweet said that the new price of petrol is PKR 249.80 per litre and diesel is PKR 262.80 per litre.
“We have decided to increase the price of petrol and diesel by Rs 35. The price of kerosene oil and light diesel oil has been increased by Rs18,” Dar said, adding that the new prices would come into effect at 11 am today.

Pakistan Finance Ministry tweeted, “Govt announced new prices of Petroleum Products with effect from 11.00 hrs, 29 Jan, 2023. High Speed Diesel-Rs 262.80 per litre MS Petrol –Rs 249.80 per litre Kerosene Oil -Rs 189.83 per litre Light Diesel Oil – Rs 187 per litre.”

Pakistan Finance Minister Ishaq Dar stressed that the government has decided to increase the minimum price of these four products according to the instruction given by Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, according to Dawn.

Ishaq Dar said that the Pakistani rupee witnessed devaluation last week and they are witnessing an 11 per cent rise in the price of petroleum products in the international market. He said that the price of petrol was not increased since October.

“The Pakistani rupee saw devaluation last week […] and now we are seeing an 11 per cent increase in the prices of petroleum products in the international market,” Dawn quoted Ishaq Dar as saying.

“Despite international prices and rupee devaluation, on directions of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, we have decided to increase the minimum price of these four products,” he added.

Ishaq Dar expressed hope that the announcement of new prices will dispel rumours about the shortage of petrol supplies, as per the news report. He said that there were speculations on social media that the price of petrol and diesel will be increased by Rs 50. According to Dawn, Ishaq Dar said, “Because of this, we have received reports of artificial shortages in the market.”

Ahead of Dar’s announcement, rumours of a massive increase in petrol prices led to long queues at petrol pumps in many parts of Pakistan. Reports posted on social media had said that the price of petrol and diesel were expected to increase between Rs 45 to Rs 80 on February 1.

“We saw a report on social media that oil prices will go up due to the surge in the dollar’s value and international petroleum rates,” Dawn quoted Hassan, who queued at a petrol pump.

Petrol was available at only 20 per cent of the petrol pumps in Gujranwala. The shortages of fuel were reported in Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Sialkot and Faisalabad regions of Pakistan, Dawn cited Geo News report. (ANI)

Pakistan: 41 Killed As Coach Falls Into Ravine

At least 41 people were killed after a passenger coach fell into a ravine in Pakistan’s Balochistan on Sunday, Dawn reported citing officials. The incident occurred in the Lasbela district of Balochistan.

Lasbela Assistant Commissioner Hamza Anjum has confirmed the incident. Anjum stated that the vehicle carrying 48 passengers was travelling from Quetta to Karachi, as per the Dawn report. He said that the vehicle crashed into the pillar of a bridge near Lasbela and subsequently fell into a ravine and caught fire. Hamza Anjum feared that the number of casualties could rise to 48.
“Due to speeding, the coach crashed into the pillar of a bridge while taking a U-turn near Lasbela. The vehicle subsequently careened into a ravine and then caught fire,” Dawn quoted Hamza Anjum as saying.

According to Hamza Anjum, three people, including a child and a woman have been rescued from the accident site, according to Dawn. One of the injured persons succumbed to his injuries while being taken to hospital. He added that the bodies recovered from the wrecked bus were unidentifiable. Anjum said that DNA testing will be conducted to identify the deceased. (ANI)

'India First' Only Resolution For All 21 Param Vir Chakra Awardees: Modi

Modi Urges Citizens To Read About Padma Awardees

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the citizens of the country to read about the lives and stories of people who have been conferred with the prestigious ‘Padma’ Awards.

PM Modi was addressing the 97th Edition and the first ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme of 2023.
Modi underlined that a sizeable number of Padma awardees came from tribal communities and people associated with tribal society.

“Various people from tribal areas – painters, musicians, farmers, artisans – have been conferred the Padma awards. I urge all countrymen to read their inspiring stories. Many dignitaries who have worked on tribal languages like Toto, Ho, Kui, Kuvi and Manda have received these awards,” PM Modi said during the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme.

“The tribal life is different from city life, it has the challenges of its own. Despite all this, tribal societies are always eager to preserve their traditions,” he said.

Modi further added that many great personalities who have worked on tribal languages like Toto, Ho, Kui, Kuvi and Manda have received Padma Awards.

“It is a matter of pride for all of us and the fact that now the world would know them. People working with Siddi, Jarwa and Onge tribes have also been awarded this time,” PM Modi pointed out.

“This time among Padma awardees are those people who have expertise in spreading melody of our traditional musical instruments like Santoor, Bamhum, Dwitara. Ghulam Mohd Zaz, Moa Su-Pong, Ri-Singhbor Kurka-Long, Muni-Venkatappa and Mangal Kanti Rai are being discussed all around,” he said.

He also underlined the efforts of the North east people who are continuously thriving to preserve their culture and have been awarded with the Padma awards.

Padma Awards – the highest civilian Awards of the country, are conferred in three categories, namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri.

The Awards are given, every year on the Republic Day, in various disciplines and fields of activities such as art, social work, public affairs, science and engineering, trade and industry, medicine, literature and education, sports, civil service.

‘Padma Vibhushan’ is awarded for exceptional and distinguished service; ‘Padma Bhushan’ for distinguished service of high order and ‘Padma Shri’ for distinguished service in any field.

Earlier, on December 25, 2022, PM Modi addressed the 96th episode of Mann Ki Baat. In his last Mann Ki Baat of 2022, PM Modi said the country had become the world’s fifth-largest economy in 2022.

“The year 2022 was wonderful, India completed 75 years of Independence while ‘Amrit Kaal’ began. India progressed rapidly and became the world’s fifth-largest economy, and achieved the unbelievable record of 220 crore vaccines and crossed the USD 400 billion mark in exports,” he said. (ANI)

S Jaishankar on Russian oil imports

No PM Would Have Made Me Minister: Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday said that he is not sure if any Prime Minister other than PM Narendra Modi would have appointed him as a minister.

Speaking at an event in Pune for the release of his English book “The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World,” which has been translated into Marathi as ‘Bharat Marg’, Jaishankar said that becoming foreign secretary was the limit of his ambition. Prior to being appointed as a minister, Jaishankar served as Foreign Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs.
“For me to become foreign secretary, was frankly the limit of my ambition, I had never even dreamt of becoming a minister,” Jaishankar said.

“I am not sure any Prime Minister, other than Narendra Modi would have made me minister,” he added.

In his remarks, Jaishankar further said, “I really also sometimes ask myself that if he was not the Prime Minister, would I have had the courage to enter politics, I don’t know.” He also shared his experience of working as a foreign secretary with former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

“We had a very-very good minister Sushma ji and we got along personally very well. I would say our combination was very good, a minister-secretary combination. But, I did learn one thing, there is a difference in responsibilities, there is a difference in the overall sense of being a secretary and a minister.

Jaishankar stated, “Secretary still has a minister above them who is answerable to parliament, answerable in public, who still gives protection and comfort, you know there is that umbrella.” The External Affairs Minister said that this has shaped his behaviour as a minister that he needs to infuse confidence in the system.

In his remarks, Jaishankar called China an “unusual neighbour” as he discussed ways to tackle the country, which according to him if it becomes a superpower, may have its own challenges.

“China is an unusual neighbour. We have many neighbours but China may become global power or superpower. Living next to global power has own challenges,” Jaishankar said.

EAM S Jaishankar stated that there are political, economic and technological ways to manage China in the book. He also spoke about national security, Jaishankar underlined how India has suffered due to terrorism as compared to other countries.

“At times there are challenges to national security requiring decisive steps. An obvious example of it is terrorism, we all know how much India has suffered due to terrorism as compared to other countries because other countries don’t have a neighbour like the one we have,” Jaishankar said during the event, as he took a sharp dig at Pakistan. (ANI)

Gujarat Paper Leak: 15 Arrested With Question Papers

The Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) on Sunday arrested 15 accused from Vadodara with question papers after the Panchayat Junior Clerk recruitment exam which was scheduled for 11 am today was postponed due to a paper leak in Jamnagar, police said.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Gujarat ATS Sunil Joshi said, “Gujarat ATS was continuously keeping a watch on people who were related to previous paper leak incidents. 15 accused have been arrested from Vadodara with question papers. It is a very organised inter-state gang. The government decided to cancel the exam. Further investigation is underway.”
“We had to ensure that the future of the students is not compromised. The exam should be conducted in a fair and transparent manner. The Gujarat Police and Gujarat ATS worked with a proactive approach after being instructed by the state government,” the SP added.

Earlier, the Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board, Gandhinagar, has said that the exam will be held afresh at the earliest, the date of which will be announced shortly.

“In the larger interest of the candidates, it has been decided by the board to ‘postpone’ the competitive examination to be held on 29-01-2023 at 11-00 am, which all the candidates are requested to take note of. Every candidate is advised not to go to the examination centre for the above reasons. The sadar exam will be held afresh at the earliest, the date of which will be announced by the board shortly,” the board has said.

“On the basis of the information received by the police, a suspect Isam was arrested and a copy of the question paper of the above examination was found from him. Criminal police action and further investigation is being done,” it added.

Students and their parents who had reached the Jamnagar centre for the exam expressed disappointment and anger while demanding strict action by the government against the culprits.

Notably, a total of 26,882 students were registered for the exam in Jamnagar, while more than 7,00,000 people were expected to sit in the examination across the state. (ANI)

Afghan women

Taliban Orders Ban On Female Students In Univ Entrance Exams

In the latest decree, the Taliban has banned female students from sitting in university entrance exams which are slated to take place next month, the Afghan news agency TOLOnews reported.

The Taliban Ministry of Higher Education has sent a notice to the universities which state that the girls cannot apply for the exams until further notice. Apparently, they have banned girls from registering for the 1402 (solar year) university entrance exam.
The decision was followed by another decree from the caretaker government prohibiting women from working in non-governmental organisations, which sparked outrage on both the national and international levels, TOLOnews reported.

After the Taliban ordered an indefinite ban on university education for Afghan girls, several humanitarian organizations, including Education Cannot Wait (ECW), a United Nations global, billion-dollar fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises called on the Taliban authorities in Kabul to revoke their decision to suspend the university education of Afghan women.

Earlier, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation met earlier this month to discuss the Afghan caretaker government’s decision to restrict females’ access to education and work at non-governmental organisations.

Many Islamic countries and organisations, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), have condemned the ban on women’s and girls’ access to work and education as a violation of Islamic law.

Since August 15, 2021, the de facto authorities have barred girls from attending secondary school, restricted women and girls’ freedom of movement, excluded women from most areas of the workforce and banned women from using parks, gyms and public bath houses. These restrictions culminate with the confinement of Afghan women and girls to the four walls of their homes. (ANI)

‘Technical Matter’: Jaishankar On Indus Waters Treaty

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday said that the Indus Waters Treaty is a technical matter and future course of action will depend on talks between Indus Commissioners of India and Pakistan.

” It will not be right for me to speak publically about what is happening in Pakistan. This is a technical matter, Indus Commissioners of both countries will talk about the Indus Water Treaty. We can only discuss our future steps after that,” he said.
India issued notice to Pakistan for modification of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) of September 1960 after Islamabad’s actions adversely impinged the provisions of the treaty.

The notice was conveyed on January 25 through respective Commissioners for Indus Waters as per Article XII (3) of the IWT.

The objective of the notice for modification is to provide Pakistan with an opportunity to enter into intergovernmental negotiations within 90 days to rectify the material breach of the IWT. This process would also update IWT to incorporate the lessons learned over the last 62 years.

India has always been a responsible partner in implementing the IWT. Pakistan’s actions, however, have encroached on the provisions of IWT and their implementation and forced India to issue an appropriate notice for modification of IWT.

Highlighting sea-change in India’s foreign policy, Jaishankar said that the country’s influence has reached beyond the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Speaking at the publication ceremony of the book “Bharat Marg” written by Jaishankar, he said, “Nowadays India’s influence has reached beyond the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, this is why I speak on history, big countries always think only about themselves, this is a deficiency in their DNA.”

Jaishankar was in Pune for the release of his English book “The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World,” which has been translated into Marathi as ‘Bharat Marg’.

The Marathi version of Jaishankar’s book was released by Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis.

Asserting that foreign policy has huge significance in country’s growth in the world, he said, “that in every country, foreign policy is made by the central government….but in big countries, this policy is not made only by the centre, many different states also participate in it.”

“Everyone’s participation in the foreign policy of our country is its foundation,” he said.

The EAM said that everyone in the country is connected with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during India’s G20 Presidency.

“It should not be limited to Delhi only. It has been my endeavour since the beginning to take the foreign policy out of the Ministry of External Affairs to the common people, similarly, the language in this book is in the language of very common people and not in technical language.”

“This time there will be 200 meetings in G20. Through these meetings, we want to show the world that whoever comes to India and sees the change, see India’s enthusiasm and positivity for the world,” he added.

Talking about his book, he said that by taking lessons from history, we always have to be aware of the world.

“Through my article, I have warned that there are many shortcomings of globalization, which is evident from results coming out from other countries.”

Jaishankar also advised against leaving foreign policy only to Babus or foreign service workers, and said that sometimes it should include common people also.

“Foreign policy of 1980 and 1990 was going one way and the country on one side. This should not happen, common people should also be taken along. I have written about this in my book,” said Jaishankar.

Talking about India-China relations he said, “If we talk about any land, then this land was occupied by China in 1962, they (opposition) don’t tell you, they will show that it happened the day before yesterday… If I am lacking in thought then I can use my army or intelligence. I will talk to them. I don’t call the Chinese ambassador to ask for my news,” he said.

Jaishankar said that today the world is standing at our doors and said that if we have to take self-reliance forward, then we have to strengthen the domestic supply chain, we cannot depend on others, so we have to support SMEs.

“This time on January 26 Republic-Day parade, most of the weapons were Made in India and some were made in Pune as well,” he said.

Regarding the pressure on India due to the Ukraine conflict, he said, “PM Modi was very clear, he said that it should happen, it should be in the interest of India, so my work was easy with the clarity of the Prime Minister.” (ANI)