Here's how Shah Rukh Khan keeps a healthy routine for a fit body

Shah Rukh Khan has always developed his body as per the requirement of the character in a movie. He has been lean for some of her roles while for many of the movies he has acquired muscular physique, which led millions of fans go weak in the knees. After sporting his six-pack abs in Om Shanti Om, SRK made it a point to work out regularly. While the actor admits that he’s not a fitness freak, but working out has been a part of his daily routine. When everybody is off to bed or is fast asleep, the actor will hit the gym at Mannat and sweat it out for at least 30 minutes along with his trainer. SRK in a candid and live interaction on #fame took time from his never-ending hectic schedule to share some of his fitness secrets and do’s and don’ts to be followed in the gym. Here are some of the rules put across by Shah Rukh Khan for the youngsters who aspire to have a physique like him. He believes in having a systematic and disciplinary style of body building. No music, please!: While his modern gym at Mannat is equipped with a music system, the actor refrains from playing music during his 30-minute workout session. SRK feels music can be distracting. No gupshup and no phone: The actor says that the gym is not a place to enjoy, but to punish your body to be in shape. Switch off the AC: It is workout time, which means you need to sweat it out in the gym. The actor advises his fans to put off the AC while working out. Grunting is for hunting: The actor says it is totally ‘uncool’ to lift dumbbells and make noises that don’t sound cool at all. “Lift dumbbells and place them back gently as grunting is for hunting.” Mirror, mirror on the wall: You may find large mirrors fitted on the wall in most of the gyms. The actor thinks that it is a bad idea to continuously look at yourself in the mirror while working out. Vanity, after all, is one of the seven sins! Eat well, eat healthy: His fitness mantra is to eat well and workout for 20-30 minutes. “Just keep working out regularly and be consistent. Eat less, eat healthy.” // ]]>