Gaumutra States

BJP Only Wins Elections In ‘Gaumutra States’: DMK MP Senthilkumar

Taking a jibe at Bharatiya Janata Party after its resounding victories in the Assembly polls in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, DMK MP DNV Senthilkumar on Tuesday said that people in the country should realise that BJP can only register wins in the Hindi heartland states and referred to them as ‘Gomutra states’.

The Lok Sabha was debating on the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill, 2023 and the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill, 2023.

Speaking at the debate, Lok Sabha MP DNV Senthilkumar said, “Union Territories always look toward becoming States. But this is the first case where a state has become a Union Territory. BJP has just won many of the state elections. When they are not able to win a state they make it a Union Territory where they can have control over the governor and can run governance through them. If they were confident of a win there they would have not made it.”

“So people of this country should think that the power of the BJP is winning elections mainly in the heartland states of Hindi and what we generally call as the ‘Gomutra states’,” he added.

He further said that the BJP has no chance of winning elections in the Southern part of India.

“You (BJP) cannot come to South India. See all the results that happened in Kerala, Tamil Nadu Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we are very strong there,” he said.

Reacting to the remarks made by DMK MP, Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai said that the level of discourse of the ruling party in Tamil Nadu has touched the floor.

“Chennai is sinking due to the misgovernance of DMK and so is their level of discourse on the floor of the Parliament. After calling our North Indian friends Pani Puri sellers, toilet constructors, etc., I.N.D.I. Alliance DMK MP, makes Gaumutra Jibes,” K Annamalai posted on X.

Condemning the remarks made by Senthilkumar, Annamalai further said, “He has possibly forgotten that the NDA Alliance is in power in Puducherry and was in power in Karnataka until recently. The arrogance of DMK will be the prime reason for their downfall!”

Buoyed by his party’s recent wins in the state assembly elections in the Hindi heartland states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a swipe at the opposition asking them to be at peace with their “arrogance, lies, pessimism and ignorance” while asking people to be aware of their “divisive agenda”.

“May they be happy with their arrogance, lies, pessimism and ignorance. But.. Beware of their divisive agenda. An old habit of 70 years can’t go away so easily,” Modi said in a post on ‘X’ on Tuesday while commenting on a video snippet from a television news analysis.

The Prime Minister also snapped at the opposition saying that they need to be prepared for several such “meltdowns” in the future as well.” Also, such is the wisdom of the people that they have to be prepared for many more meltdowns ahead,” he said.

Union Minister of State (MoS) for Education Annapurna Devi said that the remarks made by DMK reflect his shallow mindset.

“The people of the state have voted for BJP and they have trust in PM Modi. The people who give such statements have a shallow mindset and are jealous of PM Modi’s popularity across the world,” she said.

The election results in the four states led to the Congress losing its governments in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh to the BJP and also failed to dislodge the BJP government from Madhya Pradesh. However, it was able to register victory in Telangana. (ANI)

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Omar Abdullah

If Situation Is Like This In future, We Cannot Win: Omar Abdullah

Amid the results of four state assembly elections in which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is leading n Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said that judging the results of the INDIA bloc, if the situation continues to be like this in future, the opposition alliance will not be able to win.

“Judging the results of INDIA alliance in the state elections, if the situation is like this in the future, we cannot win,” Omar Abdullah said, speaking to reporters on Sunday.

Abdullah said that the Congress’ claims in the state elections proved otherwise since the party was able to win only in Telangana.

“BJP should be congratulated because we were not expecting this result. We were hearing from our allies that in Chhattisgarh, the Congress would come to power easily, they would win in Madhya Pradesh as well, they were confident in Telangana and they were even saying that in the end they will come out victorious in Rajasthan as well. When the results came out, only their claim in Telangana stood true. Neither could they save Chhattisgarh, nor win back Madhya Pradesh nor could they win in Rajasthan again,” he said.

Speaking about the BJP’s foothold in Madhya Pradesh, Abdullah said, “If you see Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath was the Chief Minister for a short time, but leaving that aside, for around 20 years BJP was in power. This is BJP’s fifth term. This is huge.”

On the future of the INDIA bloc, the National Conference Vice President said, “On December 6, the Congress chief has invited some INDIA alliance leaders for lunch. They recalled the INDIA alliance after three months. Let’s see.”

Speaking on the performance of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, Abdullah said that the Congress should have given some seats to its INDIA bloc partner, Samajwadi Party to contest.

“Either the Congress has not been able to understand the ground situation in Madhya Pradesh. What harm could have happened if they had given 5-7 seats to Akhilesh Yadav. What storm could have blown? What have they won now? The results are in front of everyone now,” he said.

On whether his party will be contesting with the INDIA bloc for the state assembly elections, Abdullah said, “The NC will be standing on its own.”

Going by trends, the Congress has been able to consolidate Telangana. In Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the BJP seems to be winning. (ANI)

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Rajasthan Registers 24.74% Voter Till 11.30 Am: EC

Rajasthan on Saturday recorded 24.74 per cent polling for 199 assembly constituencies till 11.30 am, the Election Commission informed.

Voting began at 7 am on Saturday after days of hectic campaigning by major political parties, including the ruling Congress and BJP.

However, polling for the Karanpur assembly constituency was adjourned following the death of Congress candidate Gurmeet Singh Koonar.

Voters, who lined up outside their booths as the polling process got underway on Saturday, can cast their votes until 6 pm.

Adequate security arrangements have been made to ensure peaceful and fair elections, the polling officials informed earlier.

A total of 1,02,290 security personnel have been deployed to ensure peaceful voting, an official said. As many as 69,114 police personnel, 32,876 Rajasthan Home Guard, Forest Guard, and RAC personnel, and 700 companies of CAPF have also been deployed to ensure free and fair polling, he added.

The ruling Congress is eyeing another term while the BJP is seeking to replace the Ashok Gehlot government, banking on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prominent candidates in the fray include Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, former CM Vasundhara Raje, former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot, Congress national spokesperson Gourav Vallabh, Union Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore, Vishwaraj Singh Mewar, Rajasthan Assembly Speaker CP Joshi, and Rajasthan LoP Rajendra Rathore.

Many rebel candidates of the BJP and Congress withdrew their names after being persuaded to do so. But still, about 45 rebel candidates from both parties are in the fray. These also include MLAs, former MLAs, and party officials.

The counting of votes has been scheduled for December 3.

In 2018, the Congress won 99 seats while the BJP finished a close second at 73.

Gehlot took oath as CM with the support of BSP MLAs and Independents.

Meanwhile, police personnel were deployed after a scuffle broke out at a polling booth in Churu, hours after polling began in the state. (ANI)

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Sachin Pilot

Cong Campaign Was Positive, BJP Poll Effort Didn’t Catch Public Eye: Sachin Pilot

Expressing confidence of Congress winning the assembly polls in Rajasthan, party leader Sachin Pilot on Friday said that people have made up their minds and the party will return to power in the polling to be held on Saturday.

“Leaders must speak on development issues in rallies, what is the planning for the future, what is the report card now. If the public issues are given priority, then a good narrative will be created in the elections. Congress’ campaign was very positive. Though BJP tried to personalize it, to stir up emotional issues, I think their campaign did not catch the public eye,” Pilot told ANI.

“People have made up their mind and voting tomorrow will be in favour of Congress,” he added.

Asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remark about alleged victimisation with him in the Congress, Pilot said when BJP feels that they are losing, they start saying such things to divert from issues.

“Eight crore people live in Rajasthan. When government is formed, there is support of everyone – be it the farmers, youth, forward or the backward. Efforts should be made to bring everyone together. I think caste politics or religious politics is not a healthy sign for a democracy. We should set an example for the next generation…But whenever BJP feels that they are stumbling and they are not going to get majority and they will lose, they say things like this to create distractions. But people understand everything…I am satisfied that we will get good results on December 3,” he said.

PM Modi, in his election rallies in the state earlier this week, alleged that Sachin Pilot was being victimised because his father Rajesh Pilot had challenged the Gandhi family once in the 1990s.

He also accused the Congress “royal family” of depriving “Gurjar son” Pilot of the chief minister’s post.

Pilot said “caste politics and religious politics” can be a threat to democracy.

He also called upon people to exercise their franchise on the voting day in large numbers.

“The most important thing is that the vote percentage should be good. Leader, policy and leadership–one should vote considering these in mind,” he said.

Voting will be held on November 25 in 199 of 200 assembly constituencies in the state. Over 5.2 crore people are eligible to vote in the polls. Election to Karanpur constituency has been adjourned due to death of Congress candidate.

In 2018, the Congress won 99 seats, and BJP got 73. (ANI)

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Ashok Gehlot

High Command Will Decide My Role After Election: Gehlot

Ahead of the Rajasthan Assembly poll on November 25, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday left the decision about his political future in the hands of the Congress High Command.

Speaking about his role after the election result, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “My role has always been whatever the high command wants. I do not decide my own role. The role that high command will give me, I will stick to that”

The Rajasthan Chief Minister also expressed confidence about bucking anti-incombency in getting a majority mandate in Rajasthan.

“People have made up their mood to repeat the government in the state this time. I believe we are moving towards 156 seats. The tradition (of changing the govt in every 5 years) is going to break this time. People in the state are happy with the kind of work we have done. In Rajasthan, it is definite that the govt will be repeated,” CM Gehlot said

“If the 76-year record of Kerala can be broken during COVID times in Kerala as earlier the people of Kerala used to choose government alternatively. We have done more work after COVID, people of Rajasthan are no less intelligent than the people of Kerala; so we will repeat the government in Rajasthan. The Bhilwara model went to WHO and we were praised all over the world. There was no hunger during COVID. We worked with religious gurus, activists and NGOs. ” Ashok Gehlot said.

Ashok Gehlot also alleged that the government at the centre was using agencies like the ED to topple non-BJP governments in the states.

“These agencies (ED, IT) are important, their actual work is for the economic offender. Their attention should be directed there so that the country’s economy remains strong and economic offences don’t take place. Their work (in that direction) has ceased for nine years, just making the government topple and rise and for that, they threaten MLAs to make them change their party. They are trying to make the government topple in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra.with ED’s pressure and IT raid. People are not liking this”

Gehlot’s confidence stems from the various social schemes that he claims his government had brought for the people.

“We have passed a law for gig workers and provided social security to them. There are demands that a law should be made for gig workers in India. Platform service providers have emerged- like Uber, Ola, Zomato and many other platforms where people are doing jobs without any security. For this law suggestions were received in Bharat Jodo Yatra” Ashok Gehlot said.

“We are giving health insurance to the entire public. We have guaranteed treatment worth Rs 50 lakh per family,” Gehlot added.

Gehlot also criticised PM Narendra Modi claiming that the Prime Minister had use inappropriate language on the campaign trail.

“Prime Minister is a very big post and his statement is not in respect of the dignity of the post because his speech lacks decency. Whatever they say to voters “Press the button as you are hanging Congress government’ is not going to work. The use of violence in language must not happen in campaigning. If they talk to people with love and affection, then you have to talk with maintaining decorum. If they want to be sarcastic and make allegations, then there are many words in the language, they must use polite words” Gehlot said.

Rajasthan is set for assembly polls on November 25, with votes to be counted on December 3.

Of the 200 assembly seats, 199 will be contested on November 25, as elections in the Karanpur constituency were adjourned due to the passing of the Congress candidate Gurmeet Singh Koonar.

In 2018, Congress won 99 seats, while the BJP won 73. Gehlot assumed the CM position with the support of BSP MLAs and Independents. (ANI)

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Hardeep Singh Puri Rajasthan

Petrol To Be Cheaper: Puri Makes Big Poll Claim In Rajasthan

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Saturday said petrol will be cheaper by at least Rs 11.80 per litre in Rajasthan if the BJP is elected in the November 25 Assembly elections.

Addressing a poll event in the state capital, Jaipur, on Saturday, the Union Petroleum Minister said, “I am being asked what will change in the state if the BJP comes to power in Rajasthan. Firstly, I am confident that the BJP is on course to form the government here. And, once we come to power, we will work to bring the price of petrol in Rajasthan at par with the rest of the country (barring Opposition-ruled states). Petrol, in Rajasthan, will be cheaper by at least Rs 11.80 per litre if we are elected.”

Puri alleged that the price of petrol in Rajasthan was the highest in the country because of the additional cess imposed by the Congress government in the state.

He added that the Congress government in Rajasthan collected Rs 35,975 crore from additional levies on petrol and diesel over the last couple of years.

“In the last two years, the Rajasthan government collected taxes worth Rs 35,975 crore from additional cess on petrol and diesel till November 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. Rajasthan alone collected Rs 2000 crore more than 18 other states and Union Territories taken together,” Puri said.

The Union Minister added when compared to 18 states and Union Territories, the tax collection from additional cess on fuel is significantly high.

“The tax collection of these 18 states and union territories, including Delhi, Uttarakhand, Nagaland, Lakshadweep, Manipur, Ladakh, Daman and Diu, Jammu and Kashmir, is Rs 32,597 crore,” Puri was quoted as saying in a release from the Jaipur event.

“Today, the average rate of petrol across the country is Rs 96.72 per litre, but in Ganganagar, Rajasthan, the going rate for petrol is Rs 113.34 per litre,” Puri said in poll-bound Rajasthan.

Hitting back at Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot over his statement that the central government was imposing more taxes on petrol and diesel, Puri said the former should look into affairs in his own state first.

The counting of votes for the Rajasthan Assembly will be held on December 3.

In the 2018 assembly elections, the Congress won 99 seats, while the BJP finished at 73 seats in the 200-member House.

Gehlot eventually took the oath as CM with the support of BSP MLAs and Independent legislators. (ANI)

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Ashok Gehlot

Gehlot Will Be Out Of Work After Dec 3: Sekhawat

Taking a dig at Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Tuesday said the senior Congress leader will be out of work once the results of the November 25 Assembly elections are declared on December 3.

To a question, if he would catch up with Gehlot over tea after the polls are done and dusted, the Union Minister said he would consider meeting the former once the people have dislodged him and the Congress from power.

Speaking to media persons on Tuesday, Sekhawat, who is one of the BJP’s heavyweight campaigners for the November 25 polls, said, “The people of Rajasthan have made up their minds to bring back the BJP. This Congress government is useless, incompetent and corrupt. The people are not just upset but also angry with this government.”

“They have failed to deliver on the promises they made to every section of the society. People across faiths and communities in the state feel defrauded and cheated by this government. The ruling party (Congress) has also sinned in making Rajasthan the country’s rape capital. They have also betrayed farmers, youth and women. They have played with the future of the state’s youth, as their broken promises have served to crush their dreams. The state is also topping the country in terms of exam paper leaks. The people are angry over these issues and are waiting at the chance to dislodge and dump this government,” Sekhawat added.

In a further takedown of CM Gehlot, the Union Minister said, “As for meeting the CM over tea, I am eagerly awaiting the day. He is very busy these days with campaigning et all. However, after 20 days, when the election results are declared, the people will have put him out of work and I will have enough opportunities to catch up with him over tea. And, since he betrayed the high command of his own party, he won’t have any fallback job in Delhi as well. From 1993 till now, whenever the people of Rahasthan freed him from his CM duties, he would go to Delhi and find some role for himself in the Congress high command. Now that his hopes for bagging a fresh role in the high command are all but over, he will have plenty of time after December 3. I am sure that he will invite me to tea someday.”

“The BJP will re-establish the rule of law in Rajasthan and deliver on their promise of good governance. We will liberate the people from the clutches of the mafia and ensure the security of our mothers and sisters. We also provide jobs to the youth and restore social harmony in Rajasthan. This isn’t just a promise but a commitment. Our aim is to form a double-engine government in Rajasthan,” Shekhawat added.

“I strongly believe that we are on course to forming the government here. We will also win Phalodi and other assembly segments in western Rajasthan by huge margins. I am confident that the people of Phalodi will once again bless us with an opportunity to serve Pabbaram Bishnoi-ji,” Shekhawat added.

Earlier, on Tuesday, CM asserted that there was no anti-incumbency in the state and the Congress will be voted back in the November 25 elections.

“There is no anti-incumbency here. Our government has done well to deliver on the promises and fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the people. Sensing the public pulse, I can say with confidence that the Congress is on course for a return in Rajasthan. We delivered on the promise of good governance and have provided water, electricity, education, health and better road connectivity to the people. The law and order situation in Rajasthan is also better than in previous years,” the CM told ANI on the sidelines of the Congress’s Guarantee Yatra here.

The counting of votes for the Rajasthan Assembly is scheduled for December 3. (ANI)

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Even If Rahul Contests In Rajasthan Polls, BJP Will Win: Rajyavardhan

After Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot claimed that the Bhartiya Janta Party had accepted defeat in the upcoming state polls, BJP leader Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore reacted sharply to Gehlot’s statement, saying that even if Congress brings Rahul Gandhi as a candidate in Rajasthan, the BJP will still win.

On Tuesday, the Rajasthan CM, while addressing a rally in Churu, asserted that PM Modi keeps visiting states again and again. After the election, will he come and open colleges here? Will he come and make roads here? What will PM Modi do?, he questioned.

He further said that the BJP is having difficulty deciding a face for there party in Rajasthan. They have given tickets to MPs, and I consider this their biggest failure. “This means they have accepted defeat”, CM Gehlot said.

Responding to Ashok Gehlot’s statement, Rathore said, “Why is Ashok Gehlot so afraid… The election is between the political parties, so let the Congress contest with their best team, and we (the BJP) will contest with our best team. We are not questioning who Congress is contesting the elections with; let them bring Rahul Gandhi as well, and we will still win double the seats.”

He further went on to say that BJP has a strategy of its own; PM Modi will go into Lok Sabha with fresh faces, and there are some fresh faces in Rajasthan as well who are influenced by the way PM Modi works and have learned from it.

“Our strategy is to go with people who have zero tolerance for corruption and who know how to make every single person benefit from the government schemes,” said Rathore.

Further responding to Congress party members’ comments that BJP released the candidate list during Pitru Paksha (Kanagat) even when the party believes in Sanatan Dharma, Rathore said, “This is being said by a party that calls Sanatan Dharma dengue and malaria. The INDIA alliance in a meeting had said to end the Sanatan dharma.”

“A party that collapsed Ram Darbar in Rajasthan, collapsed a 300-year-old Shiv Mandir, caused the death of multiple saints, promotes separatists, says if Ram Navmi is carried on then Section 144 will be imposed, says that permission will have to be taken from CM Ashok Gehlot if bhajans are to be played and on the other hand supports a particular community and supports the march of PFI which is a banned organization,” added Rathore.

He further said that the Congress party has lost all its confidence.

On some BJP members expressing their displeasure with the candidate list, Rathore said that any human would be disappointed if he has got ambitions of his own and they are not fulfilled but I completely believe that anyone who is influenced by the BJP ideology and keeps the nation as priority will pull themselves together.

“Maybe this is a strategy that at present a party worker who is being asked to be patient today, may get even a bigger opportunity in future, and there are multiple such examples within the party, and maybe it is a test by the party that if certain workers can be patient or do they want to prioritize themselves before the nation and the people, he added.

The BJP leader further said, “I am sure that it is evident to the people as well that BJP will be forming government in Rajasthan and development will be only possible when the people who are focused towards development are voted.”

Responding to Gehlot’s comment that BJP has no face for CM in Rajasthan, Rathore took a dig at the Rajasthan CM and said that should there be a face in Rajasthan that made the state rank number one in crime against women, a face that promotes separatists, a face which got multiple papers leaked or should there be a face that has received the blessings of the public since the last 20 years whether it be as a CM or PM for last 9.5 years because such a face is a guarantee of development.

For us, the face is PM Modi, as his face clarifies what he stands for, and we will make Rajasthan a complete part of PM Modi’s vision of Amritkaal, a state with zero tolerance for corruption, zero tolerance for terrorism and 100 per cent committment towards development. (ANI)

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modi on Rajasthan Crime

It Pains Me Rajasthan Tops In Crime: Modi’s Emotional Attacks At Cong

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday expressed his pain at the incidents of crime in Rajasthan and said Congress “has destroyed the state” in the past five years.

Addressing a rally here, the Prime Minster turned emotional and said the maximum “number of cases of crime against women are from Rajasthan”.

“It pains me that the state tops in crime list, in incidents of crime…which state comes on top, in riots…which state is on top, in incidents of stone-pelting… which state is on top, in incidents of atrocities against women and Dalit, which state has worst name…is this why you voted for Congress?” he asked.

He said only Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can bring all-round development in Rajasthan.

 “The development of Rajasthan is the biggest priority of the central government,” he said.

Attacking the Congress in the poll-bound state, the Prime Minister said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had “accepted defeat”.

Expressing confidence of BJP’s victory, he said it will continue the welfare-oriented policies of Congress while taking action over “corruption”.

PM Modi unveiled various development projects worth over Rs 7,000 crores in Chittorgarh, earlier in the day.

He said BJP will ensure women’s safety in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan and four other states will go to the polls by the end of this year. (ANI)

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Modi Congress Rajasthan

Congress Gets Zero Marks For Governance in Rajasthan: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday attacked the ruling Congress in Rajasthan and said people have made up their minds to oust it in the assembly polls later this year.  

Addressing ‘Parivartan Sankalp Mahasabha’ here, PM Modi referred to the  Parliament passing the Women’s Reservation Bill and said it was done because of the support of people to the BJP exercised through voting.   

“The people of Rajasthan have sounded the bugle against the bad governance of Congress. Congress deserves to get zero marks for the way they ran the government here. The people of Rajasthan have decided to remove the Gehlot government and bring back BJP,” he said.  

“For many years, women had been waiting for 33% reservation in Lok Sabha and state assemblies. I have not done this but the power of your vote achieved it,” he added.

The Prime Minister greeted people gathered near the venue of the ‘Parivartan Sankalp’ rally in Jaipur in Rajasthan.

The Prime Minister reached Jaipur after addressing a rally in Bhopal. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are among five states which will go to the polls later this year.   

Before addressing the gathering in Jaipur, PM Modi paid floral tributes to BJP ideologue  Deendayal Upadhyay on his birth anniversary.

In 2018 the Congress won 99 seats while the BJP won 73 seats in the 200-member Rajasthan assembly. The Congress led by Ashok Gehlot formed the government with the support of independents and the BSP. (ANI)

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