Shweta Singh On A-SAT Missile Programme

#MissionShakti – ‘Credit Goes To Scientists’

Shweta Singh, 30, a teacher in Godda, Jharkhand, keeps herself updated on current affairs. When she read about the Mission Shakti launch, she was delighted and was thankful to the scientists who keep India’s air space secure

I teach Social Science and Hindi to students from Classes VI to VIII. I understand that it is the teachers of today who lay the foundation stones for a better tomorrow. And in order to be a good Social Science teacher I have to keep myself updated with the latest news, though I don’t always get the time for it, what with having to raise two young children.

However, I did manage to read up a little about the Mission Shakti launch. And I am proud of what DRDO (Defence Research And Development Organisation) has managed to achieve for the country. While the current government launched the programme, the major credit should go to the scientists who put in sleepless nights for the success of this mission.

I was surprised to know that it took the anti-satellite or A-SAT missile only three minutes to shoot down its intended target (a low-orbit satellite that was launched by ISRO on January 24). It is a proud moment for us because we are the fourth country in the world to have this technology at our disposal, apart from United States, Russia and China. I am pleasantly surprised to know that unlike China, India has been careful about minimising space debris as well.

Moves like these don’t impact people’s lives directly, but it does put them in a better headspace. This should be a moment of pride for all Indians. Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned that the missile is meant only as a defence measure even though it has the power to jam or destroy an enemy country’s satellite in space.

People should understand that with great powers come great responsibilities, and we should behave responsibly. I totally support the many strategic moves by the current government, but I don’t support the war cry from many sections of the society thereafter.

I wasn’t able to vote in 2014, but this time I intend to actively participate in building up the country by casting my precious vote.

Narendra Modi Addresses Nation On Mission Shakti

India Capable Of Shooting Down Satellite

In a major defence achievement, India on Wednesday successfully tested an anti-satellite missile by shooting down its own decommissioned satellite that was on a ‘Low Earth Orbit’ at a height of 300 KM from the earth’s surface, entering into an elite club of four nations to have such a capability.

Prime Minister Modi also assured the international community that this test does not violate any international treaties or law and that India remains committed against the arms race in space.

India has now entered the elite international club of four countries having such a capability.

“India has successfully registered its name as a space power. Till now three countries of the world- America, Russia and China had this feat. India is the fourth country to have achieved this feat. There could be a no bigger moment of pride. A short while ago our scientists have shot-down a live satellite in low earth orbit (LEO) in space through an anti-satellite (A-SAT) missile,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Giving details of the test of `Mission Shakti (strength)’, Prime Minister Modi said that in the LEO, the satellite was a pre-decided aim. “It was successfully shot down in just three minutes and the operation culminated immediately. The feat required high technical expertise and capability. The scientists have achieved the entire decided target. This valour was achieved through indigenously built anti-satellite missile.”

Outlining the space prowess of India, the Prime Minister added: “We have different satellites which are contributing in various sectors including weather forecast, education, medical, navigation etc. Our satellites are helping all including farmers, fisherman, students. In the world, the significance of space and satellite is going to increase and they may become indispensable to life.”

Prime Minister Modi mentioned that today’s test was not in any way violation of any international treaty or law. “Today’s A-SAT missile has given new strength to security and vision of the country. We want to assure the world that our new capability is not against any country but is the defensive initiative of the fast-moving India. India has always been against the arms race in space and this test hasn’t changed that. This successful violates no international treaties or law,” he said.

“We are using the modern technique for the welfare and security of our 130 crore citizen. For peace and secure atmosphere, a strong India is significant. India’s work in the space category is aimed at India’s security, economic development and technological advancement. Today’s `Mission Shakti’ is an important step in achieving this dream. Today’s success should be seen as our step forward towards a secure, prosperous and peaceful country,” Prime Minister emphasised.

“It is important that we move forward and ready ourselves for future challenges. For positive changes, we have to accept modern techniques. Our target is that all Indian must face future challenges with confidence and feel safe. I foresee an India which can think two steps ahead of the time and can also have the courage to move in that direction”, Prime Minister added.

Prime Minister Modi also congratulated the scientist and technicians of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for achieving this feat. “We are proud of our scientists. They have further enhanced the stature of the country. I congratulate all countrymen for today’s achievement,” he said. (ANI)