Ram Temple

‘Tears Of Joy Filled My Eyes As I Watched Bhoomi Poojan’

Avadhesh Singh (74), a retired engineer in New Delhi, never thought he would see the Ram temple being built at Ayodhya in his lifetime. Now, he has no other desire left in heart

I never thought I would see this day in my lifetime but I did. Watching the Ayodhya Ram Mandir bhoomi poojan ceremony live on television, on August 5, made me so emotional that I can’t express it in words. Every time I think about it I have tears of joy in my eyes. I feel as if my life has served its purpose; there are no other desires left to be fulfilled. After the full telecast of the bhoomi poojan got over, utter peace descended on me.

Maybe the current generation won’t understand what we feel for Ram Ji. He feels like a family member, a very important part of our lives. Ramlilas were an important part of small towns in North India for long and it would be every child’s dream to be a participant in the Ramlila.

We embodied Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman and many other characters as well as their characteristics in these events. Everyone has a sense of attachment to one’s birthplace and I feel at peace to know that Ram Ji will finally be established in his birthplace.

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Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992. We all know how things dragged after that day. But I am surprised at how Modiji gets everything done calmly. To say that I am in awe of his communication skills and how he strategically goes ahead about everything, would be an understatement. There weren’t even token protests on the day of the bhoomi poojan ceremony. Modiji ne apna vada poora kiya (Modiji fulfilled his promise).

I wish to visit Ayodhya soon. I hope the pandemic gets over and I can see the sanctum sanctorum with my own eyes. Modi hai to mumkin hai (Modi makes everything possible) were not just hollow words after all, you see.

Singh plans to visit Ayodhya soon.

Yes, Ram lives on in our hearts but faith is too huge a concept to be felt just by the heart. Temples are an important place to calm our minds and make our hearts come alive. When you visit a place of historical importance, you can be transported into that era and wonder how things took place at that time. Similarly, being able to visit Ram Ji’s birthplace would make us feel deeply connected to him.

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Finally, after nearly 500 years, we can feel that sense of belonging. It took a long, long time for the Ram Mandir to finally begin taking shape, but it is happening.

I am a devout man and I have done a lot of vrats (fasting) in my life and regularly participate in many a religious ceremony. Rarely has a day gone by in my long life when I have put a morsel in mouth before my morning prayers. My aim is not to make anyone feel bad, but I want my space, to be able to practice my faith in my homeland. I hope many youngsters get reacquainted with the importance of faith in life in times as unpredictable and unprecedented as the pandemic.

I believe the Ram Mandir finally became a reality because of the faith of the people. I accept everything in my life as the will of God and as they say: Hoyi hai soi jo Ram rachi rakha (Everything happens as per God’s will and in him we should trust.

Ayodhya Nahin, Karz Maafi: Chant Farmers

Ayodhya nahi, karz maafi chahiye”. “Ab haq ke bina bhi kya jeena, yeh jeene ke samaan nahi (life has no meaning without rights),” sang one of the performers at the ‘Kisan Night’ organised to lift the spirits of the farmers on Thursday. Leaders of opposition parties as well as activists showed solidarity with the community. Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday called for a farm loan waiver, asserting that peasants are asking for what is due to them and not a “free gift”. The Congress supremo joined opposition leaders including AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, NCP chief Sharad Pawar, veteran politicians Sharad Yadav and Sitaram Yechury at Jantar Mantar, where the thousands of farmers gathered on Friday to press for their demands, including debt relief and remunerative prices for their produce. “The country has been divided between Ambani and Adani. But your farm loan waiver does not happen, you don’t get the right prices and hollow speeches are made,” Rahul said. He trained his guns at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that if Rs 30,000 crore can be given to Anil Ambani, an apparent reference to the Rafale fighter jet deal, why can’t loans of farmers be waived off? Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal alleged that PM Modi has “stabbed farmers in the back” by not fulfilling the promises made to them and warned him that they would “wreak havoc” in the 2019 general elections if those promises are not kept. In his address at the venue, Kejriwal claimed that the Centre had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying it would not implement the MS Swaminathan Commission report. “The government had made a number of promises to farmers in the last election (2014), but it has not fulfilled those promises. By not implementing the Swaminathan Commission report, Modiji has stabbed the farmers in the back (‘kisano ke peeth mey chhura bhonka hai‘),” he alleged. He said the Union government should implement the report in five months. “The affidavit filed in the court should be withdrawn and the report should be implemented, otherwise, farmers would wreak havoc in 2019 elections (‘kisan agle election mey qayamat dhah denge‘),” he said. “The Fasal Beema Yojna is a fraud and is cheating farmers. The insurance companies withdraw money from farmers without their permission and thousands of crores have been withdrawn in this manner. When farmers lose their produce, these companies impose the condition that compensation would be given only if 70 per cent of the produce has been destroyed,” the AAP chief claimed. (PTI)]]>