Jio 5G In Madhya Pradesh Ujjain

Jio Rolls Out 5G Services In Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain

Jio on Wednesday started its 5G services in Madhya Pradesh by dedicating the high-speed services from the holy shrine of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga and Shri Mahakaal Mahalok.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched the high-speed telecom services at an event, a statement by Jio said.

After the launch, Jio demonstrated the immersive benefits of 5G in the field of healthcare, through Jio Community Clinic medical kit, and the revolutionary AR-VR device, Jio Glass, the statement said.

These benefits will bring transformational changes in the lives of the people in Madhya Pradesh, it said.

“The Mahakaleshwar temple and Shri Mahakaal Mahalok is a religious landmarks in Ujjain. Lakhs of devotees from across the country and the world visit the shrine daily, to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. The launch is an important milestone for MP and its people who will benefit immensely from Jio’s True 5G services,” the Jio statement quoted Madhya Pradesh CM as saying.

“5G will also enable citizens and government to remain connected on real-time basis and will also improve implementation and efficiency of government schemes for the last mile user.,” CM added.

What is 5G, and how is it different from the current 3G and 4G services?

5G is the fifth-generation mobile network capable of transmitting a large set of data at a very rapid speed.

In comparison to 3G and 4G, 5G has a very low latency which will enhance user experiences in various sectors.

Low latency describes the efficiency to process a very high volume of data messages with a minimal delay.

The 5G rollout is also expected to bring more development in remote data monitoring in sectors such as mining, warehousing, telemedicine, and manufacturing, among others. (ANI)

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Airtel Launches 5G Services In Pune | Lokmarg

Jio Launches 5G Services In Pune

Jio on Wednesday announced that Jio True 5G will be available in Pune from today. The leading telecom company said Punekars will have an internet speed of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) with unlimited 5G data.

Jio in a statement released on Wednesday said it begins beta testing of its True 5G network in a city only when a large part of the city is covered by its standalone True 5G network so that Jio customers get good coverage and experience the most advanced Jio 5G network.
Commenting on this announcement, a Jio spokesperson said, “Post the launch of Jio True 5G in 12 cities, a large number of Jio users have enrolled into the Jio Welcome Offer, thereby helping Jio with customer and service feedback to create what will be the most advanced 5G (fifth-generation mobile system) network anywhere in the world.”

The spokesperson said as expected, the data usage on Jio’s True 5G network was many-a-times higher than the current data consumed on Jio’s 4G network.

Pune is known for its large student population and as a leading IT hub as well as one of the most important automobile and manufacturing hubs in India. The telecom company said Jio True 5G would be a true game-changer for Punekars.

“What stands out is that this data experience is being delivered at breakneck speeds ranging anywhere between 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps and at extremely low latency that enables use-cases across various verticals that only a True 5G network can bring to life,” the spokesperson added.

The leading telecom company said starting from November 23, Jio users in Pune will be invited to the Jio Welcome Offer, to experience unlimited data at up to 1 Gbps speeds, at no additional cost.

Reliance Jio Infocomm, doing business as Jio, is an Indian telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Jio Platforms, headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Reliance Jio last Friday announced that it is the only operator to provide its 5G services — True-5G — across the Delhi-NCR region, including Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and other major locations. The telecom firm said it was rolling out the most-advanced True-5G network at a rapid pace and was covering major parts of this geography. (ANI)

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Mukesh Ambani about India Economy

India Will Be A 40 Trill-Dollar Economy By 2047: Mukesh

India will be a USD 40-trillion dollar economy by 2047 and ranked among the top three economies of the world, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh D Ambani has said and identified Clean Energy Revolution, the Bio-Energy Revolution, and the Digital Revolution as “three game-changing revolutions” that will govern India’s growth in the decades ahead.

Addressing the convocation of Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) here on Tuesday, Mukesh Ambani said India is poised for an “unprecedented explosion in economic growth and opportunities” during the Amrit Kaal, the 25-year period to 2047 when India will celebrate the centenary of its independence.
He said the three game-changing revolutions will together transform lives in ways unimagined.

“While the Clean Energy Revolution and the Bio-Energy Revolution will produce energy sustainably, the Digital Revolution will enable us to consume energy efficiently. All three revolutions will together help India and the world save our beautiful planet from the Climate Crisis,” he said.

“I am confident that you, the students of PDEU, along with lakhs of other bright young minds from across the nation, will leverage these revolutions to enable India to meet its energy goals,” he added.

Mukesh Ambani, who is President, the Board of Governors of PDEU, said he was excited about the convocation ceremony.

“This batch of PDEU is graduating during a year that marks the beginning of India’s Amrit Kaal. In our tradition, Amrit Kaal is regarded as the most auspicious time to start anything new. And each of you is starting your professional journey in this period. As the Amrit Kaal unfolds, India will witness an unprecedented explosion in economic growth and opportunities,” he said.

“From a 3 trillion-dollar economy, India will grow to become a 40 trillion-dollar economy by 2047, ranking among the top three economies of the world in your working life. In other words, a bright future beckons you. Be ready to step out confidently when opportunity knocks on your door,” he added.

Mukesh Ambani said the university has made the students future-ready because it researches and teaches “energy with a very comprehensive perspective”.

He also had a word of advice for students, saying that in the era of 4G and 5G, there is no ‘G’ greater than “MataG and PitaG”.

“Today is your day. The arc lights are on you. But standing in the wings is your parents and elders… it’s a very special day for them too. They have waited eagerly to see you walk up to the stage and receive your graduation certificate. It has been their lifelong dream,” Mukesh Ambani said.

“Don’t ever forget the struggles they underwent and the sacrifices they made to bring you here. Their contribution to your success is immeasurable. Let me tell you something in your own lingo – the language of the youth. Nowadays, every youngster is excited about 4G and now 5G. But there is no ‘G’ in this world greater than Mata G and Pita G. They were, are, and will always remain your most dependable pillars of strength and support,” he added.

He said PDEU students were “bubbling with energy and enthusiasm”, “brimming with creativity and ideas” and “bristling with entrepreneurial spirit” and were equipped with the knowledge and the skill-set needed to design breakthrough energy solutions for 1.4 billion Indians.

“You have all the necessary ingredients to be the leaders India needs…And as leaders of India’s future, you should ensure our nation leads the global clean and green energy revolution. It is a goal each one of you should pursue in mission mode,” he said.

The leading industrialist shared three mantras with students to help them achieve success in this mission:

“One, Think Big. Be an audacious dreamer. Every great thing ever built in this world was once a dream thought to be impossible. You have to own your dream with courage, nurture it with conviction and realize it with bold and disciplined action. It is the only way you can make the impossible possible.

“Two, Think Green. The Clean Energy movement is about adopting a green mindset. It is about being sensitive to Mother Nature. It is about inventing means to harvest its energy without harming it. It is about ensuring that we leave behind a better and healthier planet for future generations.

“And three, Think Digital. In your mission of making India a clean energy leader, digitisation will play the role of a force multiplier. Technologies such as AI, Robotics, and IoT are powerful enablers of change. Use them to your advantage. These three mantras will be your astras in your mission of making India a global clean energy leader,” he said.

Referring to challenges posed by COVID-19, he said the period “was a trial by fire for each of you….indeed, for all of humanity”

“But remember, the finest sword is forged in raging fire,” he said.

Mukesh Ambani said the experiences in the past couple of years are “invaluable lessons no institution could have taught you”.

“They have shaped you into better professionals. They have made you tougher from within. They have filled you with the spirit of care and empathy.

“And they have taught you the importance of service to humanity with honesty and integrity. With these learnings in your kitty, no mountain will be too high to climb; no river will be too wide to cross. So roll up your sleeves and move ahead,” he said.

Referring to Hasmukh Adhia, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the University, Mukesh Ambani said he is “one of the finest financial minds India has produced”.

“The banking and fiscal reforms he formulated as Finance Secretary have changed the face of our financial system. Under his chairmanship, PDEU has become the first private university in Gujarat to be awarded the A++ grade by NAAC. The credit for this achievement also goes to the excellent faculty and staff of PDEU,” he said.

Referring to Tata Group chairperson N Chandrasekaran, who was the chief guest for the event, Mukesh Ambani said he “is a true inspiration to the business community and the youth of India”.

“Through his vision, conviction, and rich hands-on experience, he has scripted Tata Group’s spectacular growth in recent years. He has also led its forays into the businesses of the future,” he said.

Mukesh Ambani said he is particularly inspired by “the gigantic steps” the group has taken in the field of renewable energy under his leadership.

“If India has to become a renewable energy powerhouse, it is possible through the combined will and initiatives of many leading business groups working with the ethos of a national coalition,” he said. (ANI)

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Modi To Distribute 71,000 Appointment Letters

Guntoting, Pen-Wielding Naxals Need To Be Uprooted: Modi

Emphasizing on the internal security of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said India needs to defeat threats arising from Naxalism- both “gun-totting and pen-wielding.”

Addressing via video conferencing the Chintan Shivir of home ministers of states being held in Surajkund, Haryana the PM said, “In past few years, all governments have acted responsibly to demolish ground network of terror…We need to handle it by combining our forces. We will have to defeat all forms of Naxalism – be it gun-totting or pen-wielding, we will have to find a solution for all of them.”
Emphasizing creating awareness against fake news, PM said a small piece of fake news can challenge law and order and people must check facts before forwarding messages on social media.

“For the safety and rights of law-abiding citizens, stringent action against negative forces is our responsibility. A small piece of fake news can kick up a storm across the nation…We will have to educate people to think before forwarding anything, verify before believing it..” PM Modi said.

He said people must be made aware of mechanisms to verify messages before forwarding them.

Highlighting the importance of having a smart law and order system as par with advanced technologies, PM Modi said the agencies have to be 10 steps ahead of the crime world.

“Today the nature of crimes is changing. We need to understand the new age technologies. We entered the 5G era. Hence we need to be more vigilant,” Prime Minister said.

With 5G technology, PM said there will be manifold improvement in facial recognition technology, automatic number plate recognition technology,drone and CCTV technology.

“With the advancement in 5G technology, awareness is equally important. It is to be ensured that India’s law and order system becomes smart. Technology not only helps in the prevention of crimes but also in crime investigation. We will have to be 10 steps ahead of the crime world,” he said.

PM said there is a need to have a positive perspective. He called for improved synergy among the police stations with cooperation, rapport and a streamlined mechanism.

In order to improve the efficiency of the police and strengthen law and order, Prime Minister said the interconnectedness between the police of different states is an important aspect.

He said, “Law and order is not restricted to one state now. Crime is turning interstate and international. With technology, criminals now have increased their power to commit crimes. Criminals beyond the border are misusing technology. Be it cybercrime or the usage of drone technology for the smuggling of weapons or drugs, we will have to keep working on new technology for them.”

The coordination between agencies of all states and between central and state agencies is essential, PM said.

This Chintan Shivir of home ministers in Surajkund Prime Minister said is an excellent example of cooperative federalism. He said States can learn from each other, take inspiration from each other and work together for the betterment of the country.

He said the next 25 years will be for the creation of an ‘Amrit peedhi’. This ‘amrit peedhi’ will be created by imbibing the resolutions of ‘Panch Pran’ – creation of a developed India, freedom from all colonial mindset, pride in heritage, unity and most importantly, citizen duty.

The two-day Chintan Shivir is being held at Surajkund, Haryana. Home Secretaries and Director Generals of Police (DGPs) of the States and Director Generals of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and Central Police Organisations (CPOs) attended the Chintan Shivir.

According to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) statement, the Chintan Shivir of Home Ministers is an endeavor to provide a national perspective to policy formulation on internal security-related matters. The Shivir, in the spirit of cooperative federalism, will bring more synergy in planning and coordination between various stakeholders at the center and state levels.

The Shivir will deliberate on issues like modernization of police forces, cybercrime management, increased use of IT in the criminal justice system, land border management, coastal security, women’s safety, and drug trafficking, among others, added the statement. (ANI)

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