Aluva Rape Case

UP: Woman Gangraped In Gzb, 4 Detained

Four persons have been detained in connection with the alleged abduction and gang rape of a 38-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, police said on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) has issued a notice to the Ghaziabad Police to furnish a copy of the FIR along with details of the arrested accused and a report of the action taken report by October 21.
The woman was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped for two days. She was found in a pool of blood, with an iron rod inserted in her private parts, a statement by the DCW read Delhi Commission for Women statement said.

According to the police, they were intimated of the gangrape in a complaint filed by the woman. “We got the information about the gang rape two days ago in which a woman had complained about the incident. As per the rape survivor, all the accused were known to her and a property dispute between the two has come to light,” said Superintendent of Police (SP) City Ghaziabad Nipun Aggarwal.

The woman was allegedly abducted while she was returning from a birthday party on September 16. She told police that five men in Ghaziabad gang-raped her over two days.

SP City (Ghaziabad) said: “On October 18, police in Nandgram, Uttar Pradesh received information that a woman was lying near Ashram Road. They took her to the hospital. She’s a resident of Delhi and had come to her brother’s residence in Nandgram.”

“After her brother dropped her off, five people -who were known to her- took her away and gang raped her. An FIR has been registered. Four people have been nabbed. It is being said that they have a property dispute and the matter is sub-judice. We’re taking all necessary action,” the police official said.

Meanwhile, DCW Chief Swati Maliwal in the notice sent by the commission to Ghaziabad Police said: “They brutally gang raped her and continued to rape and torture her for two days. They even inserted an iron rod inside her private parts. After that, they hid her in a jute bag and threw her out of the road. The woman was found in a pool of blood with an iron rod still inside her.”

“When the woman was admitted to the hospital, the rod was removed with great difficulty; the woman is now fighting for her life. We have issued a notice… there should be a swift arrest and strict action taken. This case is just like the Nirbhaya case… It is my appeal that at least this case be fast-tracked and these men are given severe punishment,” Maliwal said.

Responding to DCW Chief, the Ghaziabad police officials said that four people have been detained in the case.

Refuting the DCW chief’s claims about an iron rod being inserted in the survivor’s private parts, Ghaziabad city SP, Aggarwal said, “We have not found any iron rod, but a tongue cleaner was found and the police case has been registered at Nandigram police station”.

The accused have been taken into custody and further investigation is being carried out.

Further details on the matter are awaited. (ANI)

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