Zika dengue and yellow fever

Delhi Reports Surge In Dengue Cases; 272 Cases In A Week

The sudden surge in dengue cases was registered in the national capital when 272 fresh cases were reported during the past week.

While 3,595 cases of dengue have been reported this year, not a single dengue death was reported this year.
So far this year, 236 cases of Malaria have been reported, and six cases have come to the fore during the last week.

Not a single case of Chikungunya has been reported during the last week, however, 44 cases of Chikungunya have been reported so far this year.

Earlier on November 24, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak had instructed the team of doctors and paramedical staff to remain ready for 24 hours in the hospital to deal with viral, dengue, chikungunya and other fevers.

He had further instructed that the medicines should be made available to OPD and admitted patients from the hospital itself and the Officers should keep periodically checking the stock in main drug stores, said a government statement.

As per the statement, Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak directed the CMOs and CMs across the state to provide better treatment to the patients.

“The medicines of the hospital should be provided to the patients. For this, make arrangements for adequate antibiotics and medicines used in the treatment of fever in the hospital. Doctors prescribe the medicines available in the hospital to the patients,” he had said.

The UP Deputy CM also asked the medical teams to lay focus on stocking up of medicines for heart, sugar and blood pressure, so that there is no shortage of medicines in emergencies.

“The medicines for at least 15 days or more should be made available to the patients. So that the patients do not have to visit the hospital frequently. Patients find it inconvenient to come to the hospital in winter. Take special care of the patient’s health in cold,” he said.

He further said that there is no shortage of medicines in government hospitals.

“UP Medical Supplies Corporation is providing medicines to all the hospitals as per their requirement. At the same time, the corporation has been asked to provide a stock of medicines for four to six months according to the requirement of the hospital,” he had said.

The UP Deputy CM also instructed on saving medicines from getting expired.

‘Medicines should have an expiry date of one to two years. So that due to the close expiry, there is a risk of spoilage of medicines. Not only this, the hospitals where the expiry date of medicines is near, they can send medicines to other hospitals to avoid spoilage of medicines,” he had added. (ANI)

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Massive Fire In Gr. Noida

Fire Tenders Douse Massive Fire In Gr. Noida Building; 24 Rescued

A massive fire that broke out in a building in the Shahberi area of Greater Noida West in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday has been doused by more than 12 fire tenders.

According to the Joint Commissioner of Police, Ravi Shankar Chhabi, the fire broke out in the basement of a building in Shahberi, where the Additional Commissioner of Law and Order also reached.
The police and fire officials reached the site in the Bisrakh Police Station area on time and rescued two dozen people from the building. No casualties have been reported so far.

The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.

More details are awaited. (ANI)

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Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad arrested a man

Gujarat ATS Nabs Man For Fake Info Regarding Modi’s Assassination

Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad arrested a man from Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun for providing fake information on the Public Grievances Portal regarding a plot to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his election rally in Jamnagar, an official said on Monday.

The arrested man was identified as Aman Saxena who was brought to Gujarat ATS for interrogation.
SL Chaudhary, Deputy SP, ATS said that the Gujarat ATS had got input on PG Portal that a girl named Tanya from Delhi is planning to kill PM Modi during the public rally in Jamnagar and is also planning a blast in Delhi Sachivalay.

“Tanya is a practising lawyer in Delhi and originally belongs from Patna. A man named Aman from Badayu is also involved and their Facebook profile was attached,” the official said.

Following the receipt of the information, a team from Gujarat ATS reached Delhi to check the input.

The team got to know that an unidentified person with a fake digital identity of Shubham Rajkumar Chhaleria had made this application on the PG portal. The team held Saxena in the process and brought him for further inspection, the Deputy SP said.

“On further enquiry, he disclosed that he had made 12 to 15 such applications with Shubham Rajkumar Chhaleria’s e-mail ID and mobile number from September 29, 2022, to 25 November 2022, regarding the killing of various national and international names, Central Sachivalay and blast during elections,” the police said.

Further investigation into the matter is underway. (ANI)

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Mainpuri elections Yogi

Mainpuri Election Scene Heats Up As Yogi Set To Enter Campaign

The heat quotient of the high stakes Mainpuri elections is going go up further as UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath enters the campaign with his first public meeting in Mainpuri scheduled to take place on November 28.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has already unleashed its army of MLAs and ministers to fight the Samajwadi party in its traditional bastion.
CM Yogi is going to address a public meeting at Narsingh Yadav Inter College, Karhal. It is expected that Yogi Adityanath will try to influence the minds of the people of Mainpuri continuously till 3 December.

The tension of Akhilesh Yadav, who is facing political heat in the Mainpuri by-election, is going to increase after the arrival of Yogi. In fact, CM Yogi Adityanath is starting his first public meeting from the constituency of Akhilesh Yadav. In such a situation, the SP President will have to put more emphasis on Karhal, which is considered an SP stronghold.

Earlier, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya held two meetings in Mainpuri. Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak has been holding meetings in Mainpuri for two consecutive days to turn voter mood in BJP’s favor. Apart from this, Party President Chaudhary Bhupendra Singh and General Secretary Organization Dharampal Singh are leaving no stone unturned to influence the workers.

The Lok Sabha by-election in Mainpuri is a high-profile one. The seat is witnessing a main contest between BJP candidate former MP Raghuraj Singh Shakya and Dimple Yadav, the wife of Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav. Earlier this by-election was considered easy for Dimple Yadav.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has changed all the pre-poll predictions by fielding veteran leader Raghuraj Singh Shakya here.

At present, both parties are putting their full force into the campaign. Late Mulayam Singh Yadav was a continuous MP from here. However, in the last Lok Sabha elections, Mulayam’s victory margin was very low. Since then, it was believed that after Mulayam, Mainpuri would not be easy for the SP.

This became clear only in the by-elections that were held after the death of Mulayam Singh Yadav. If political pundits are to be believed, now the matter is 50-50. During a conversation in the Jaswantnagar assembly, an elderly voter admitted that this time the fight is tough. This is the reason Samajwadi Party which used to hold one or two meetings in Mainpuri and only local workers used to ask for votes, is doing a much bigger campaign.

Presently the situation is that Akhilesh Yadav himself is visiting the same village many times in his assembly. Apart from them, all the big leaders of SP including Dimple Yadav, Shivpal Yadav, and Ramgopal Yadav are campaigning vigorously.

Since the nomination, party candidate Raghuraj Singh Shakya has been campaigning intensively from 7 am to 10 pm. A local BJP leader Bharat Deep, said, ” Our candidate has visited most of the Mainpuri Lok Sabha by going street by street. They say that the public has now made up its mind for a change. The support of the people of Mainpuri is with him.” (ANI)

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Gyanvapi carbon dating

Gyanpavi: HC Seeks ASI Affidavit On Conducting Carbon Dating Of Shivling

Allahabad High Court on Monday asked the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) to file an affidavit on whether the ‘carbon dating of the purported ‘Shivling’ found inside the premises of the Gyanvapi Mosque, can be conducted without defacing its shape.

The High Court directed the ASI to file its affidavit on the next date of hearing — November 30.
The HC was hearing a review petition filed by Lakshmi Devi and three others, challenging the Varanasi district court’s order of a ‘scientific survey’ of the purported Shivling, which is claimed to be a part of the fountain of the wazu khana by the mosque management.

In its order on Monday, the single bench of Justice JJ Muneer asked the ASI to confirm if ‘carbon dating’, a method to determine an object’s age, can be conducted without defacing the purported Shivling.

“The subordinate court has rejected the application for conducting a scientific survey in view of the status quo order issued by the Supreme Court. Apprehension has been expressed that carbon dating may damage the alleged Shivling,” the bench stated, adding that it was necessary to determine the age of the ‘Shivling’ without deforming its shape.

The counsel for the petitioners, Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, said only a scientific survey (carbon dating) can bring forth correct information on the ‘Shivling’ found in the Gyanvapi mosque complex, along with other religious items.

It will also establish beyond any reasonable doubt how old the ‘Shivling’ and other idols found there are, the counsel for the petition further submitted.

Earlier, the petitioners had filed an application in the district court, Varanasi seeking a scientific survey of the Gyanvapi Masjid complex.

The court, however, rejected the plea on October 14 saying that doing so could damage the structure.

The single-bench of the Allahabad HC on Monday also directed the principal secretary of the Department of Religious Affairs, Uttar Pradesh, to file an affidavit on the government’s position or stand in the matter on the next date of hearing — November 30.

The chief standing counsel of the state government, Pancham Bipin Bihari Pandey, was directed to clarify the government’s stand by filing an affidavit on behalf of the principal secretary, Department of Religious Affairs, UP.

Advocate Manoj Singh, appearing for the Union government, had sought three months’ time to clarify its position on the matter. However, the court directed that an affidavit is to be filed by November 30. (ANI)

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Azamgarh Murder case

Man Chops Ex-Girlfriend’s Body Into Pieces In Azamgarh

In the wake of the horrific Shraddha Walker murder case in the national capital, another similar case has come to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh, where the body of a woman was chopped and disposed off in distant locations.

According to the Azamgarh Police, they have recovered the body of the deceased who was identified as Aradhana Prajapati, from Paschim Patti village under the Ahraula police station of Azamgarh district, while the main accused in the case, identified as Prince Yadav, has been arrested.
As per the police statement, the disposed off body parts of the deceased have been recovered from two different locations, with the skull having been found in a pond, which is at a distance of 6 km from the well where the rest of the chopped body parts were recovered from.

The alleged murder took place on November 10, while the body of the deceased was found in a well on November 15.

According to the police statement, the family of the deceased woman had filed a missing person’s report which said that she was missing since November 10. On November 15, the local police found the body parts of a woman in a well with the head missing.

According to the police statement, when approached by the police, the family partially confirmed the identity of the deceased, however, due to the skull missing, they were not convinced.

Following this, on November 19, the police detained one Prince Yadav, who was found to be the ex-boyfriend of the deceased girl, said the police.

As per the police, after questioning, Prince confessed to his involvement in the crime. The police then took Prince to the crime spot and it was at his identification that the police were able to recover the head of the deceased woman from a pond some six kilometres away from the well, as per the police statement.

According to the police, Prince was arrested on Sunday following an encounter, when he tried to escape from the spot where the police had taken him to recover the missing head of the woman. Another accused in the incident, Sarvesh Yadav, who is Prince’s cousin, is absconding, as per the police.

A total of nine people have been involved in the crime, either in the execution of the plot to kill the woman or harbouring the culprits, according to the police.

Speaking to ANI, Anurag Arya, Superintendent of Police, Azamgarh said, “A dead body of an unidentified woman was found in a well on November 16. The head was missing and the rest of the body parts were missing. It was a challenge for the police, it was a crime related to the women. 5 police teams were on the job to work out the case. The accused has been arrested today. The prime accused in the case, Prince Yadav was arrested today after a police encounter. He sustained a bullet injury in his right leg. Illegal arms have been recovered from him.”

The official said that the accused had a relationship with the deceased two years ago. The woman was married in February this year when Prince was outside the country. Upon knowing about the marriage, the accused returned to the country and plotted to kill the woman.

“After the interrogation, it came to the fore that he had a relationship with the deceased two years ago. The deceased was married this year in February. He was outside the country then. When he came to know about her marriage, he was offended and returned to India. He attempted to threaten the deceased to break her marriage and also lured her to stay with him. He was aided by his relatives which include his maternal side and also his parents. When the woman did not agree, he along with his parents and cousin named Sarvesh hatched a plan to kill her and dump her body in such a way that it could not be recovered and he could not be caught,” the police official said.

Detailing the plot, the SP said that Prince had taken her out in the name of visiting a temple and strangled her to death in a sugarcane field.

“He called the woman on November 10, and roamed with her in the name of visiting a temple, and took her to the field of his maternal side and strangled her to death. To dispose of the body, he along with Sarvesh Yadav chopped it by keeping it on a wooden log. He threw the rest of the parts into the well, and threw the head in a pond along with her clothes,” he said.

Arya said that the recovery of the deceased’s clothes and other pieces of evidence has been accomplished.

“Based on the interrogation, the police have recovered everything. The clothes of the deceased have also been recovered. The wooden log on which the incident took place has been recovered. Evidence collection has been done from the field. There are a total of nine accused, of which one Prince Yadav has been arrested. The other accused Sarvesh Yadav, who is Prince’s uncle’s son is absconding. An award of Rs 25,000 has also been announced,” he said.

The other accused in the incident will be arrested soon, the official said.

“There are 7 others who were involved either in the planning of the incident or in harbouring the culprits. They will be arrested soon,” he said.

Further investigation into the matter is underway.

In another horrific incident that came to the fore earlier this month in the national capital, Shraddha Walker, a woman from Maharashtra was allegedly strangled to death by her live-in partner, who was identified as Aftab Poonawalla.

In the latest development in the case, the officials of Delhi Police on Sunday continued the probe in the dense forest area of South Delhi’s Mehrauli with an aim to recover the dismembered body parts of Shraddha Walker, believed to be disposed of by her murderer Aaftab Amin Poonawala across the national capital.

Earlier, Delhi police, after recovering around 12 suspected body parts disposed of by Aaftab, the accused in the Shraddha murder case, later brought him to the jungle to recover other body parts, according to police sources on November 13.

According to the sources, Aftab, during his interrogation, told the police that after killing Shraddha and chopping her body into 35 pieces, he had first disposed of those parts which could stink quickly. (ANI)

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UP School Students attend satsang

UP School Students Attend Ram Rahim ‘Satsang’; Probe Ordered

A probe has been ordered after a video showed school students attending an online “Satsang” of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, a rape and murder convict who is out on parole.

The online “Satsang” was organized at Vishnu Vatika lawn in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur district on November 17, and the event was attended by a large number of people including 300 children in school uniform.

Soon after the matter came to light, a group of members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal reached the spot and protested against the organizers.

On receiving information, a team of police from a nearby police station arrived at the scene and brought the situation under control. The police also detained the organizers for questioning.

Basic Shiksha Adhikari Surendra Singh admitted the issue had come to their notice and said that a probe has been ordered to identify the school that sent their students to the event.

“We have received a video in which school students are seen attending the event, and the issue will be taken up with the district inspector of school (DIoS),” he said while adding that action will be taken accordingly. (ANI)

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Madrasa Survey in UP

Madrasa Survey Completed: UP Minister Dharampal Singh

Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare Minister Dharampal Singh informed that the survey of Madrasas in the state has completed on Tuesday and now a meeting will be held with the government.

“The survey of Madrasas in all the districts of UP has come to its end today and the report for 15 remaining districts has been submitted to the government. Now a meeting will be held with them,” Dharmpal Singh said.
He further said that special attention had been given to the Madrasas which were operating in contravention of the law.

“We have given special attention to the madrasas in the state which have been running against governmental norms and now we will decide the next move,” he added.

A month ago on October 12, State Minority Welfare Minister Dharampal Singh informed about the identification of a total of 6,436 unrecognized madrasas in the state and mentioned that the survey of 5,170 madrasas was then completed.

“The data of the survey will be made available to the government by November 15, 2022, by the district magistrate. The last date has been extended as some reports were not received,” he said in October

He further added that the survey work should be completed at each level within this stipulated time period.

Once the survey is conducted, it has also been instructed to hand over the report to the Additional District Magistrate (ADM) after which ADM will present the consolidated statements to the District Magistrates (DMs).

As a political row has erupted over the survey, Singh clarified that this survey is being conducted in view of quality and better education for the children of minority communities.

The UP government had declared to conduct the survey in unrecognized madrassas to ascertain information on the number of students, teachers, curriculum, and affiliation with any non-government organization.

The survey of unrecognized Madrassas is conducted to ensure the basic facilities of the students of Madrassas.

Danish Azad Ansari, Minister of State for Minority Welfare, Muslim Waqf and Waqf Department had said earlier that the order also holds to give maternity leave and child care leave to women employees working in Madrassas in the light of the rules applicable in the Department of Secondary Education and Basic Education.

All the District Magistrates (DMs) in Uttar Pradesh were issued instructions regarding the survey. The teams constituted officials of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Basic Shiksha Adhikari’s (BSA), and District Minority Officers.

Moreover, it was ordered that in case of a disputed management committee or in case of the death of any employee in aided Madrassas, a post-facto approval for appointment by the principal Madrassas and District Minority Welfare Officer in the dependent quota of the deceased and the existence of a valid management committee has to be sought. (ANI)

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim's Security

Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Security Increased

A heavy police force has been deployed by the Uttar Pradesh Police outside the Baghpat Ashram under the Binauli police station area of Gurmeet Ram Rahim to avoid any untoward incident.

The security of Dera Sacha Sauda’s Barnawa Ashram located in the Baghpat district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has been increased keeping in view the stay of the Dera chief, Ram Rahim in the Ashram.
Gurmeet Ram Rahim, head of Barnawa Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram, is serving a sentence for rape and murder in Rohtak’s Sunaria Jail. He has been granted parole for 40 days and during this period, he will be staying at Barnawa’s ashram.

Keeping in view the stay at the Ashram, the Uttar Pradesh Police has increased the security of Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Speaking about the heavy police force deployment outside the ashram, a servant at the camp informed that “searches are also being conducted on suspicious persons”. Apart from this, “the crowd is also not allowed to gather around the ashram”. The priority of the police is to prevent any untoward incident.

Informing about the course of the event at the Dera Sacha Barnawa ashram, a female attendant said that continuous checking of the serviceman is being done. The IDs of regular visitors, as well as sevadars, are being checked. Sevadars are being changed shift wise and a shift not lasting more than 3 hours is being followed. Detectors have been deployed as well for a full-body scan and mobile phones are not being allowed inside the Ashram.

A Sevadar Lakhveer Singh, posted at the main gate of the Aashram speaking about the security processes informed that Sevadars are required for facilities inside the Ashram. The sevadars working for the Ashram are being searched for their IDs, and are being allowed inside only after ascertaining their know-how, and the blocks they are coming from.

Adequate arrangements have been made by the administration to avoid any untoward incident.

Dera Sacha chief Ram Rahim was recently released from the Sunaria jail on 40-day parole. He reached Baghpat under security cover.

The Dera chief’s family had submitted an application to the jail authorities seeking month-long parole for him. Rahim was granted parole for a month on June 17.

He has been incarcerated, since 2017, in Haryana’s Sunaria jail where he is serving a 20-year-term for raping two women disciples at his ashram’s headquarters in Sirsa. Earlier in February, the Dera chief was granted three weeks’ leave.

While parole means the release of a prisoner either temporarily for a special purpose or completely before the expiry of a sentence, on the promise of good behaviour, a furlough is a short-term temporary release of convicts from jail. He was convicted by a special CBI court in Panchkula in August 2017 for raping two women followers.

CBI had registered the case on the orders passed by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana in the year 2003 and taken over the investigation of the case earlier registered at Police Station Sadar in Kurukshetra.

It was alleged that Ranjit Singh resident of Village Khanpur Kolian, Kurukshetra was murdered on July 10, 2002, when he was working in his fields at village Khanpur Kolian of District Kurukshetra in Haryana.

After a thorough investigation, CBI filed a charge sheet in the year 2007 against six accused, and charges were framed in the year 2008.

While, on October 8, 2021, the court convicted Rahim and four others in connection with former Dera manager Ranjit Singh’s murder case. Ranjit Singh was murdered in 2002 on the premises of Dera Sacha Sauda. (ANI)

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Yogi about Sikh Guru sacrifices

Sikh Gurus Sacrificed Everything To Safeguard Nation: Yogi

‘Sikh gurus’ sacrificed everything to safeguard the nation and remained solely dedicated to ‘selfless service. They paved the way for the protection of humanity and their teachings serve as inspiration for generations, said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday.

Extending his warm greetings to the people on Guru Nanak Dev’s ‘Prakash Parv’ in the state capital, the chief minister said, “Sikh Gurus spread the light of strength and faith wherever they went. Their lives and teachings inspire generations to remain selflessly dedicated to the nation, ‘dharm’ and humanity.”
Chief Minister Yogi went on to say, “Such grand and fearless celebrations on auspicious occasions like these cannot take place at Guru Nanak Ji’s holy place ‘Nankana Sahib’. We must learn from our mistakes in the past. History is not just a medium to study but also guides us not to repeat blunders.”

The Chief Minister further said that the Sikh gurus have always stepped forward to protect humanity whenever there was unrest, women were not safe, and humanity and ‘dharm’ was in danger. “Their teachings awakened people and spread the light of ‘humanity’.

“Today, when traveling is easy, we still face difficulties, however, Guru Nanak Dev Ji had paved the way for the welfare of humanity through religious preaching even by visiting places where it was nearly impossible to reach,” added Yogi.

Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, MLA Sardar Baldev Singh Aulakh, former Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma, Lucknow Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, and MLA Rajeshwar Singh, among others, were present. (ANI)

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