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Nikki Defeats Trump In Washington DC For First Primary Victory

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has defeated former US President Donald Trump in Washington DC in the Republican primary according to The Hill projections on Monday.

Haley garnered 1,274 votes to former President Trump’s 676 with all precincts reporting, according to the US-based newsdaily.

This is her first victory over the former president in the 2024 campaign to become the Republican presidential candidate.

The contest took place in a downtown hotel just steps away from the heart of Washington DC’s lobbying hub over the weekend.

According to Republican party officials, Haley carried nearly 63 per cent of the vote, Poilitico reported.

Nikki Haley’s win in Washington, DC Republican primary came after Trump defeated her in caucuses in Missouri and Idaho and at a Republican convention in Michigan on Saturday. Trump is moving towards the GOP nomination and is favoured to secure win in primaries across 16 Super Tuesday states this week.

The GOP electorate in DC, where Republicans constitute just 5 per cent of registered voters is hardly representative of the conservative base found in majority of the other parts of the US, according to Politico report.

Patrick Mara, chair of the DC Republican Party, said, “This universe is a little more sophisticated than just about any universe in any other state.” He further said, “I listen to the political podcasts in the morning. I read the newsletters throughout the day. That’s probably, like, half the people showing up at this.”

Dan Schuberth, who runs a trade association in downtown DC and backed Haley in the primary called his fellow DC Republicans as “a pretty unique electorate,” perhaps the only in the nation where many several voters personally know the people working on one or both of the campaigns.

Voting for the Washington, DC Republican primary took place at the Madison Hotel over three days. On Friday, Haley held a campaign rally there, according to Politico report.

As per the news report, Trump’s prospects to win the DC GOP primary were not high as he was at third spot behind Marco Rubio and John Kasich during the contest in 2016.

This year, Trump’s campaign warned lobbyists DC lobbyists that they will be blacklisted from any future Trump White House access if they did not cast vote in the weekend’s primary.

During her campaign in Massachusetts on Saturday, Haley criticised Trump for the move. She said, “You can’t threaten people. You can’t push them out, because that is not a winning combination.”

Despite her win in the primary on Sunday, Haley has not hinted that she plans to continue her campaign after the contests on Tuesday.

Speaking to a roundtable of DC political reporters on Friday, Haley maintained that she was only “thinking about Super Tuesday,” and not what she plans to do beyond that. She is scheduled to hold a campaign in Texas on Monday. However, she has no public events or election gathering scheduled for Tuesday.

Trump still has an early lead in delegates attained that will likely grow significantly on Tuesday with the additional states voting. Candidates need at least 1,215 delegates to mathematically clinch the Republican nomination, the Hill reported.

All eyes now lie on 16 states that will cast ballots on March 5 which is Super Tuesday. These states are – Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa (caucus), Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia. Furthermore, American Samoa is also scheduled to hold a nominating contest on March 5.

The Democratic primary in DC will take place in June. (ANI)

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Trump Projected To Win Idaho Republican Caucus

Former US President Donald Trump is projected to win the Idaho Republican caucus, The Hill reported citing Decision Desk HQ (DDHQ).

Trump won all 32 Republican delegates in Idaho, according to DDHQ. The former US President also secured a win in Missouri caucuses and Michigan GOP convention. The next voting is scheduled to take place in Washington, DC on Sunday.

Donald Trump’s latest victory in Idaho increases his winning streak against rival Nikki Haley in the Republican presidential primary. Former South Carolina Governor Haley remains the last major GOP candidate contesting against Trump for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s latest win comes days after he registered a victory in the South Carolina primary and defeated GOP rival Nikki Haley at her home turf, according to an exit poll conducted by Decision Desk HQ, The Hill reported.

All eyes now lie on 16 states that will cast ballots on March 5 which is Super Tuesday. These states are – Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa (caucus), Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia. Furthermore, American Samoa is also scheduled to hold a nominating contest on March 5.

Donald Trump and Nikki Haley during the weekend spent most of their time to campaign in the states set to cast ballots on March 5.

During his campaign speech in North Carolina, Trump mainly criticised US President Joe Biden and made brief remarks about GOP primary rival Nikki Haley, CNN reported. He continued to talk about border-security and termed the border an “open and gushing wound.” He said there was an “invasion” of undocumented immigrants coming into the US.

Donald Trump said, “Our border is an open and gushing wound. It’s pouring drugs, gangs, terrorists and millions and millions of illegal aliens into our country.”

In his campaign speech in North Carolina’s Greensboro, Trump said, “I haven’t heard about this woman for the last five days … since we beat her actually in her own state so badly,” CNN reported.

Former US President also criticised California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, calling him “New-scum.” He said that undocumented migrants were “pouring into California.”

Trump also made remarks against the 91 criminal charges he faces across four separate cases and attacked the prosecutors who brought them against him, according to CNN report.

He said, “I stand before you today not only as your past and hopefully future president but as a proud political dissident and as a public enemy of a rogue regime. This is a rogue and dangerous machine This is an anti-democratic machine.”

Trump again confused US President Joe Biden with former US President Barack Obama after trying to defend his verbal slipups during campaigning and said they were intentional.

During a campaign rally in Virginia’s Richmond, he said, “And [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, you know, has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the ‘nuclear’ word. You heard that, nuclear. He’s starting to talk nuclear weapons today. I was waiting for that to happen. But we have a fool, a fool as a president.”

Earlier in his speech, Trump tried to defend the other times he has mixed up Biden and Obama in his speeches. He said that he mixed up the two leaders intentionally. Democrat leaders have been speaking about Trump’s verbal slipups as Biden faces questions on his mental acuity, CNN reported.

He said, “Every time I do that, or I’ll say our president, Barack Hussein Obama — now, I do that because, you know, that makes a point. We understand that, right, because a lot of people say he’s running the country. I don’t personally think so.”

Donald Trump even said that he was purposely confusing former US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican presidential rival Nikki Haley. He said, “I purposefully mix up like a name like Birdbrain — you know who Birdbrain is, right? Nikki — with Nancy Pelosi. I put them in because they’re interchangeable in my mind.” (ANI)

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Trump Federal Election Case

Trump Demand Recusal Of US Judge In 2020 Federal Election Case

Former US President Trump has demanded the recusal of the federal judge in charge of his 2020 election subversion case in Washington, DC. on Monday, The Hill reported.

Trump’s attorneys referenced comments made by US District Judge Tanya Chutkan during the sentencing of two earlier Jan. 6 defendants that appeared to mention Trump, contending that the comments give the impression that Chutkan prejudged Trump’s guilt before he was accused.

“Judge Chutkan has, in connection with other cases, suggested that President Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned,” the attorneys of Trump wrote in the court filings, according to The Hill.

“Such statements, made before this case began and without due process, are inherently disqualifying,” they argued.

Notably, Trump faces four criminal accusations stemming from his alleged efforts to stay in power after the 2020 election. Last month, Trump entered a not guilty plea.

It’s not the first time Trump has criticised the judges in his criminal prosecutions. He previously unsuccessfully sought the recusal of the judge overseeing his hush money criminal case in New York, and Trump has often lashed out on Truth Social at Chutkan and other judges, The Hill reported.

The former US President and his staff earlier stated that they intended to pursue Chutkan’s recusal in this matter. (ANI)

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Trump Vivek Ramaswamy

Trump Calls Vivek Ramaswamy ‘Very Good’

In an interesting turn of events in the presidential poll campaign, former US President Donald Trump heaped praises on  entrepreneur and rival Vivek Ramaswamy, signalling that would be open to having him as his running mate, New York Post reported on Wednesday.

Trump, 77, lavished praise on his 38-year-old Indian-American rival on Tuesday, hailing his renegade politics and willingness to commend the 45th president’s administration.

“Well, I think he’s great. Look, anybody that said I’m the best president in a generation…I have to like a guy like that,” the New York Post quoted Trump as saying to Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck.

Notably, Ramaswamy dubbed Trump “the best president of the 21st century” during last week’s Republican primary debate and has characterized his candidacy as a bid to take the former president’s policies “to the next level.”

Throughout his campaign, Ramaswamy has been one of Trump’s staunchest defenders against the four indictments levelled against him — even vowing to pardon the former president on his first day in office if elected, New York Post reported.

“He’s a smart guy. He’s a young guy. He’s got a lot of talent. He’s a very, very, very intelligent person,” Trump added.

“He’s got good energy, and he could be in some form of something. I tell you, I think he’d be very good. I think he’s really distinguished himself,” New York Post quoted Trump as saying.

Meanwhile, Ramaswamy drew widespread attention and became one of the most-searched 2024 Republican contenders after the debate at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum.

What makes Trump’s comments significant is the fact that the former President is famous for “rhetorically carpet-bombing” his rivals, particularly those gaining momentum or encroaching on his time in the limelight, as per New York Post.

However, Trump also posed a word of caution for Ramaswamy, who has stumbled into controversy over his policy prescriptions for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

“He’s starting to get out there a little bit. He’s getting a little bit controversial,” Trump said. “I got to tell him: ‘Be a little bit careful. Some things you have to hold in just a little bit, right?’” Trump stated, according to New York Post.

Meanwhile, Ramaswamy had shot up sharply in GOP primary polls, standing tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at the second position. However, both candidates lag hugely behind former President Donald Trump who leads with 56 per cent, as per The Hill.

In another poll by RealClearPolitics, Trump is far out in front of the 2024 GOP race with 53.6 per cent support, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 13.5 per cent, and Ramaswamy at 7.3 per cent.

The next US presidential election is scheduled to be held on November 5, 2024. (ANI)

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musk X

Elon Musk Reacts To Donald Trump’s Comeback On X

A few hours after a post on ‘X’ – earlier known as Twitter, of former US president Donald Trump, Tesla’s chief executive officer, Elon Musk, on Thursday (local time) reacted to the same, and called it ‘next level’. 

On his social media account X, Elon Musk reshared Trump’s post and said, “Next-level”. 

Earlier in the day, Trump shared his mugshot with the link to his site. This came a few hours after his surrender in Fulton County, Ga. in the Georgia election subversion case. 

“ELECTION INTERFERENCE! NEVER SURRENDER!” he wrote while sharing the mug shot photo on X. 

It was the first time Trump posted on the social media platform since his account was suspended shortly after the January 6 riots at the Capitol. His last tweet was on January 8, 2021, when Trump said that he would not attend the inauguration of then-US President-elect Joe Biden.

“To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th,” Trump said in a tweet on January 8, 2021. 

His account on X was reinstated this year after Elon Musk purchased X and renamed it, but Trump had not posted on there before Thursday. 

In the latest development in the Georgia election subversion case, Trump surrendered himself in Fulton County jail in Atlanta, but later he was released on bond, according to jail records, CNN reported.

Jail records show that the former US President was placed under arrest and booked at the Fulton County jail on Thursday (US local time) night in connection with the Georgia election subversion case.

He was at the jail for about 20 minutes.

Trump on addressing reporters after being arrested and released from jail, said: “I did nothing wrong,” CNN reported.

Trump described the criminal case against him as “a travesty of justice.”

“We have every single right to challenge an election that we think is dishonest,” he said.

Trump also addressed the other criminal cases pending against him, saying, “This is one instance but you have three other instances. This is election interference.”

Trump was released after he agreed to a USD 200,000 bond and other release conditions, including not using social media to intimidate co-defendants or witnesses in the case, which were previously negotiated by his attorneys.

Fulton County marks the first case where Trump has been required to pay a cash bail. Trump was already facing three other felony indictments when he was charged here. (ANI)

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