Modi says Cong wants an India full of scams

LokMarg picks out ten major accusations made against the Congress in the twin speeches: 1. The Congress has a “small mind” and is fostering one family’s legacy at the country’s cost. 2. The Congress-led UPA regime was fully responsible for the NPA (non-performing assets) of banks and the country will never forgive the party for its “sin”. 3. The claims made by Congress leaders about the development during their party’s rule were misleading as several countries, which had gained independence around the time when India attained it, had surged far ahead in development. 4. Charging the Congress with initiating divisive policy, the Prime Minister said: “This is your character. You divided India. Even after 70 years of Independence, 125 crore people of India continue to suffer because of the poison you sowed. Not a single day passes when people of India are not punished for your sins.” 5. The Congress was undemocratic in its structure and, thus, has no right to give lessons on democracy particularly after its dark act of imposing Emergency and jailing opposition leaders. 6. The opposition leaders have been misleading the country on the issue of employment generation. 7. The chargesheet against Congress-led regimes included Army jeep scam, Navy submarine scam, Bofors gun kickbacks and Agusta helicopter irregualrities. 8. The Congress had provided the culprit of thousands of deaths (in Bhopal gas tragedy) an airplane to fly out of the country. 9. Taking advantage of nominal opposition during the first few decades after, the Congress rulers had decided top judicial appointments. 10. Its leaders use all their time and enerty in singing paens in praise of one family, which could have been utilised in taking the country to new heights. (IANS)]]>

Sushma condemns Pak handling of Jadhav kin

Islamabad insulted 130 crore Indians: Cong

Sushma Swaraj condemned the way the Pakistani authorities allowed the meeting at the Foreign Office in Islamabad and asked them to change their clothes and shoes, and remove bangles and even their “mangalsutras”. “The first thing that Kulbhushan asked his mother was ‘what happened to father’ after he saw no mangalsutra on his mother. “The manner in which the meeting was organised was appalling. Their clothes, shoes, bangles and even their mangalsutras were taken away. Their human rights were violated again and again, and an environment of fear was created for them,” Sushma Swaraj said, a day after Opposition members expressed outrage over the treatment meted out to Jadhav’s family. The Minister said the meeting between a mother and her son, a wife and her husband “after going through so much was turned into an exercise of propaganda and an opportunity to exploit the situation. “The family wished to meet Jadhav and we arranged for it. Even Pakistan agreed for it this month (December). This could have been a step forward for both countries, but this wasn’t to be.” She said it was absurd on behalf of Pakistan to suggest there was a mystery chip or camera or recording device planted inside Kulbhushan’s wife’s shoes. “It is an absurdity beyond measure.” (IANS) // ]]>